Award time!

Since I've been on a dedication spree, I thought it was high time to have my very first award ceremony!

Para pa raaa!!
here you are supposed to clap, cheer and go wild.


do it.


Okay, so here goes:
1. Beautiful Blogger Award

This was recently gifted to me by the wonderful Georgina at Olive Me, and I have to give it to 5 more bloggers. So, taking a cue from her, and coz I follow you guys because you truly are beautiful, this one goes out to five of my newest blogger friends:

Yemiledu at..well...Yemiledu :P
Harshita at her Chill-Out Zone
Mohan at Mohan's Blog
An Ordinary Gal at My Mind, My Thoughts, My Feelings
Urvashi at URNER - URvashi's corNER

2. Honest Scrap Award

This one's for all those who speak their mind. The ones who know what they think and pour it out into words. Those who are aware that they might be speaking shit but don't give a (s)crap about it!(sorry, just had to put that one in there :D )
The Honest Scrap award goes to two special bloggers:

Hannah Miet at My Soul is a Butterfly
Cheryl at Starbucks Break

.3 Passionate Blogger Award

This one is for that blogger who pours their heart and soul into this space they call their own. So, this goes out to:

Rane at Soul of a Woman
Sally-Sal at You. Me. No adult supervision...

Congratulations to all you guys! 

You're awesome!


Mohan said...

Thanks for the award dear! feels so great to get honored by friends in blogosphere :)

Congratulations to you and other awardees as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats for the awards :)Hope more of it , showers on you :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much!! SHaunak!!
That was really sweet of you!!

Ordinary Gal said...

Thank you so much for beautiful blogger award...m glad...Thanks a ton :)

hmla2599 said...

Thank you so much.

I suppose I am honest. For better or for worse.

This was very kind of you.

Much love,

Me said...

Thank You very much :) :)

Kavitha Lokesh said...

Hi Shaunak!
Nice way to appreciate...
Kudos to the IDEA...
Keep writing..