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Neha - Part 1


She was the one. I didn't know it at first. Who does, right? It's not everyday that you meet someone and think, "Man, she's awesome!" Well, it wasn't for me either. In fact, I barely even remember how we first met.

Back in school, I was pretty much the good-studious-decent kid in class, at least as far as the teachers thought. Also the students. But at least I wasn't a geek. Fat, but not geeky fat. Just a bit pudgy. She was in my class in the eighth grade. Sat right behind me in fact. Sharing lunch boxes, chemistry notes and gossip was all we did. Back then, hooking up was the last thing on my mind, more so, hers. For then, we were friends. Just friends.


Days went by, Neha and I became really close friends. She remained in my class through the ninth and tenth grade. We'd share so much during school hours. But after school, we barely met. Twice a week actually. My tuition classes were very close to her house, and on my way back, I'd often call her down just to have a chat. One day I shouted out her name, and her mom came to the window and said, "She's not at home beta, out with her friends."
I remember taking the long way home, just so I could think of her. My evenings weren't the same without her. We'd sit on a cement block near the nice man selling chaat outside her house, talking about all the nonsense in the world till one of us got called away by our parents. It was fun, easy, carefree. I'd drift away with the magic of her voice. Now here's something about Neha. (Neha...what a name. I can say it all day long..) She wasn't what you call hot. Neither was she extraordinarily beautiful. But she was charming. Everything about her was. The way she spoke, the way her eyebrows wiggled slightly when she got excited, the way the small dimple formed on her left cheek when she smiled. Everything. And her smile...Oh her smile. Her entire face would light up whenever she broke into a smile just like a thousand diyas had suddenly been lit in front of her. Each time she smiled, the room glowed with her presence. But one thing that I'd stare at were her eyes. I never realized what ""eyes are the gateway to the soul" meant till I looked into them.


One day she called.

Me: Hey Neha.

Neha: Hi. Are you free?

Me: Yeah, sure. What's up?

Neha: Listen, the christmas ball is coming up, and there's a dance.
(My heart skipped a beat. No, two. Actually three.)

(Stupid stupid me! Was that the best I could come up with?)

Neha: Well...umm...
(Oh come on! Ask already! I can't ask you now, can I?)

Me: Hey, what's it? Say na.

Neha(going all high and squeaky): Please be my partner!...not like, y'know...just as...erm....y'know....right?
(Oh man! The best thing that could happen to me! I almost stopped breathing.)

Me: Yea, sure. I'd love to. But you know I can't dance right?
(If ever there was an award for worst things to say at wrong times....)

Neha: Neither can I. So we're even then. It's a date.

Me: It's a date.


A date. That was the best word I'd heard all day. I ran all over my room, played the loudest music, did the ball dance with my pillow, tried kissing it goodnight. (tastes awful by the way) My mum was very amused and pulled my leg all night long. But I didn't care. Something I had dreamed about for the past four months was finally coming true. And it would, in a week.
That night, as my head touched the pillow, the only thought in my head was of Neha in a gown, her arms around me and soft music engulfing us...

Next time:
I prepare for the dance of my life!

Chapter 2


Insignia said…
Boy!!! Did it really happen Its like straight out of a movie.
Hmm....if so...all the best :-)
Abhinav said…
i'm liking it and waiting for the next part..!
Some Name said…
yea me too :) man.. ur writing can be so captivating! all the best :)
mysterg said…
Been there my friend! Loved this...although not sure if I should be looking forward to or fearing the next installment!
Manoj Kelath said…
i enjoyed a lot man...beutiful....
by the way..did it happen?
Umesh Agarwal said…
Neha?...there wasn't anyone of that name in our I assume the story is fictional! ;)...great job the next one soon...
Shaunak said…
@ Insignia
It is pretty real. There are some fantasies in there, but real nonetheless. Something from my school years.

@ Abhinav
Coming soon buddy!:)

@Some Name
Ditto what I said to Abhinav :D

Ah well, hang in there. You'll see.

@ Manoj
It did, and did not. They're bits of memories intertwined with figments of my fantasies. Keep reading buddy.

@ Umesh
Names changed buddy, but the story is quite real, mixed with a little bit of fantasy. See if you can relate bits of it.
Dhanya said…
Arrey wah! :D Dancing with pillows and all ;) Love *cough* is *cough* in the air... :D

Waiting eagerly for the next part...
Cheryl said…
Aw haha this is the cutest thing ever, and I'm pretty much anti-sweet stuff.
Anamika. said…
Wow, that was a real sweet post :D

Waiting for the dance to happen ;)
Shaunak said…
@ Dhanya
It's always there :D

Brace yourself. Some mush coming up next.

It'll happen soon enough ;)
Dewdrop said…
Liked the start... waiting for the rest...
Alpana Mandal said…
interesting. waiting for the next post.
Mads said…
Arre wah :D
Moving over to next part...
Esther said…
He he this was awesome. And I loved the way you kissed the pillow! LOL. Awful taste ha? :P

I also admired the way you described neha's smile! wow. I wish every guy on this land was so expressive like you! :P
Shaunak said…
@Dewdrop, Alpana, Mads
All done! Enjoy! :)

I'm unique that way :D

Thank you :)

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