All in a day's work

A little bit of excitement in my life :)

Sometime back I wrote a post about how crowded the trains in Mumbai are and how funny Train-ing can be. Well, here's something totally unexpected that happened yesterday, something which most of us think cannot happen to us...well, it was fun though... so read on!

Coming home from work is usually quite boring, standing in the overheated, overcrowded compartment of the second class local. And heaven help you if you're travelling at peak hours. After all, in those forty long minutes, you're drenched in the sweat and perspiration, most of which may not be your own!(yuck!)
So, for that and that reason alone, I'm usually at the door, hanging from the grill and enjoying the cool evening air. (yea, yea, now go all responsible mommy and scold me for being reckless. See if I care :P )
Ah, so where was I? Oh yeah, the door. Well, there I was, right at the front, with a freakishly tall half-mawali guy behind me trying all sorts of acrobatics at the door, and two more office-goers behind him. With the sun just setting, the air was cool and it was a pleasant ride; until the train pulled into GTB Nagar station. People alighted the train, more boarded, the usual routine. The train had just started pulling away from the platform when a man came rushing through all of us, almost pushing us off the slowly moving train, jumped off the train and started running. At the same instant, we heard a loud shout from within.


Now, in such a crowded train, there's no time or space to pull the chain. Also, the train was slowly picking up speed. The pickpocket was getting away. With my mind racing through all these thoughts, I jumped off the running train. The same instant, I saw the other three guys at the door jump off too. And we raced. We raced after the thief who was already gaining so much distance by now. Everything happened so fast, I could barely register them. The only thing I knew was the thief was running away and we had to catch up.

Shouts rang across the platform, "STOP HIM!", " THIEF", "CATCH HIM". People looked at him. No one moved.

Suddenly, the freakishly tall guy, remember him? He picked up speed, and how! It was as if he was possessed. One second, he was running with us, the next he had caught up to the pickpocket who was at least a hundred feet away! A running tackle and both were down on the ground. We're still running.

Almost there.

The thief gets up. I catch up, punch him, he goes down.

By then the others are onto him as well. And then what ensued was nothing less than what can be called a "public dhulai" The poor pickpocket got thoroughly bashed up. After a few seconds, we really had to stop, more out of humane pity than anything else. By then, the railway cops came up, with their pot bellies and lathis. The man whose pocket was picked had also managed to hop off the train and showed up, hoping to get a few punches in. We handed him his wallet. Confirming that everything was intact, he was all smiles again, even offered us a reward which we refused.(i know i know...damn conscience) The confusion having died down and the thief handed over to the cops(who looked nothing like them, but wtf right?) we stood at the platform, arms folded and wide grins across our faces like the Avengers in all our glory, waiting for the next train, noticing the looks of curiosity, of impressed awe and of confusion. Having exchanged names and small talk, we boarded the train, again at the door, with the wind in our hair and sword at hand, awaiting the next station in case our services are needed again.

After all, for your average hero next door, it's all in a day's work.


santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Mighty Impressive!!!Phew....must have been some adrenaline rush...:D
but hey...hanging on that door of the train is really not a very good idea!!!!(ok the mommy in me gets up only for a while!!)

Shaunak said...

@ Richa
It was! A complete spur of the moment thing...didn't even think twice about it. Felt great! :)

Mads said...

*ignoring the warning u gave*
u shudnt hang on the door of the train..specially in mumbai trains..hero or no hero :X

Having exchanged names and small talk, we boarded the train, again at the door, with the wind in our hair and sword at hand, awaiting the next station in case our services are needed again.---->> ROFL. =)) this was too funny and too cool :D

post was nice and it's nice to see some real heroic stuff happening :D
i know!! why don't cops look like cops? :O
even lawyers look like criminals..i noticed it during my internship in high courts and trial courts :P but thank God the supreme court big shots don't look like criminals..even if they are one :D

good stuff..would award u hero no.1 award if i had one :D

Shaunak said...

Aw...thanks mads! I'll be content with imagining myself in govinda's clothes dancing with karishma kapoor on the railway platform =P
You're doing criminal law? o_O!!
(Psst...i'll let you in on a little secret, those big shots at the supreme court shave, that's why..
Now don't tell anyone okay?) =D

divsi said...

u kno wat? i liked the post no doubt but but but........
... i loveeeeeed the pic!:) hehe its soooo sweeet!

Anand said...

HAhaa.......Hail the hero.

And public dhulai is a gruesome sight to see. People beat real bad. Heaven help those who get caught by public at large.

Nice post, bro. loved it.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


Hmmmmm hero-giri ka mauka chodna nahi chahiye...

Good one...

I hope all the people think like this..

You got a nice blog...:)

See you around..

Shaunak said...


Haha...thank you! :)

Shaunak said...


Absolutely buddy.. I've personally witnessed a guy pass out of being beaten up.
Mass dynamics can be merciless at times.

Shaunak said...


Thanks buddy! See you around :)

Mads said...

lol thanks a lot for letting me in that little secret :P yeah right :P
actually u are right :O :D
yeah, im studying law. 5 year integrated course. i become a lawyer in the next 2 years.
so be nice to me, i may be your lawyer, someday =) =) :D

Shaunak said...


LOL! Definitely. I'll probably be on the cop radar in a few years. I'll keep you in mind while cracking the next safe :P

Life 24*7 said...

Boss !! 2 gud !! POU (Proud Of U)

Shaunak said...

@ Neha

Lol Thanks! Now I roam the streets with a red towel tied to my collar :P

Dewdrop said...

You attention-seeker u... fultoo chance pe dance n mauke pe chauka... and u better not 'HANG' out on the busy, crowded trains...

Nice post althou hearing it first-hand was way better :) Nicer pic thou!

Amrita~Ams said...

ur services are needed :P for sure
hehhe..nice post..
"moma...we got our blogger hero :p"

Shaunak said...

@ Dewdrop

Thank you :) Althou hanging out is always better than melting inside, I've stopped doing it..

Shaunak said...

@ Amrita

Lol! Thanks. My cape and trusted sword are always at hand, so just give a shout out :P

Monisha said...

Aww! my hero!!