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Existence - A Timelapse on life

Was going through Facebook today when someone shared this video:

Brilliant and very, very awe-inspiring! Suddenly, the world feels like a much larger, yet closely connected to everything.
Turn off the lights, watch on a huge screen :D


Well, the other day I went shopping at Inorbit's Hypercity, here in Hyderabad. Strolling though the aisles, I happened upon this funky name -TZINGA! Check it out:

SO, the first thing that came to my mind?
Okay, onto the drink itself. First look was literally a steal! No, really. I picked up 2 packs and almost walked out of the supermarket without running it through the cashier. What ensued was an animated conversation in Hyderabadi mixed with Hindi and some Telugu interspersed in between with me trying to explain that I'm not a thief and the guard simply shaking his head in vehement disapproval. Few minutes later, I walked out with a now-paid-for and fully legal bag of TZINGAs to taste.
The pack itself stands out in the crowd, but the only problem is that if it weren't for the placement on the aisle (drinks and beverages) I would seriously have missed (or mistaken) it for a dishwashing liquid, like those refill packs of Vim or Pril. Having said that, the pack's…

Awesome BTL campaigns and Brand Activations!

Okay, so with great power comes great responsibility. Uncle Ben clearly never worked in an ad agency. Even with the chindi powers of an account planner, there comes the responsibility of coming up with the wildest strategy ideas that the brand can accomodate. This brought me to an oft-used old school marketing technique that's been making a comeback in recent times - BTL, urf Below The Line.
See, there were these two sisters A and B. They were strippers at a club. A was the sleazy but slightly less beautiful one while B was extremely hot yet of a nicer nature. Owing to their personalities, their performances were far far different from each other. A always took centrestage, twisted the pole, held the entire crowd's attention. B on the other hand, was the lap dancer, keeping herself to private performances. Since A was right on the stage, she got a lot of tips from the entire crowd, but she could never tell how much she'd get, but it pleased everyone, so it pleased her as …

Being Bengali! (And the goodness of food!)

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, the most cosmopolitan, metropolitan (and many more litans) city in this country. There's no one single language or religion or race or caste that forms too large a majority here. It's a melting pot, an amalgamation of a brilliant array of socio-cultural people living in harmony (and occasional disharmony) with each other. When I was growing up, I was this typical "Bong boy" - Oily side-parted hair, spectacles on the nose, a slight pot-belly and an inherent love for maach-bhaat (Fish and rice). Somewhere while going from a four-foot something to a six-foot something (stop sniggering will you!) I kind of lost touch with my inner bangali babu. It's only in recent years that I rediscovered the bengali inside me and come to terms with the fact that there's no escaping it. Like all self-respecting Bongs, I love an intellectual conversation over coffee, endearingly called as adda by the Kolkata kakushona across the street. I hav…

Kindness makes the world go round!

And in all that ranting and sentimental writing, this came up and cheered me the hell up!

Watch and share!