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Well, the other day I went shopping at Inorbit's Hypercity, here in Hyderabad. Strolling though the aisles, I happened upon this funky name -TZINGA! Check it out:

SO, the first thing that came to my mind?
Okay, onto the drink itself. First look was literally a steal! No, really. I picked up 2 packs and almost walked out of the supermarket without running it through the cashier. What ensued was an animated conversation in Hyderabadi mixed with Hindi and some Telugu interspersed in between with me trying to explain that I'm not a thief and the guard simply shaking his head in vehement disapproval. Few minutes later, I walked out with a now-paid-for and fully legal bag of TZINGAs to taste.
The pack itself stands out in the crowd, but the only problem is that if it weren't for the placement on the aisle (drinks and beverages) I would seriously have missed (or mistaken) it for a dishwashing liquid, like those refill packs of Vim or Pril. Having said that, the pack's…