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The One Nation - India

Written quite some time back on Republic Day, I kind of got an urge to post this tonight.

Republic Day of India.
Sixty glorious years since Dr. Rajendra Prasad signed the Constitution that allowed India to think on it's own two feet. After all, what's Independence without a way to govern. Sixty years since the nation handed over power to it's people, the very citizens who gave their love, life and blood for the elusive bird called freedom. Such devotion towards the country was rewarded with the power to choose who governed them. Sounds just about perfect doesn't it?

Well, we've come a long long way from that "One nation one voice" era. That one resounding, resonating voice of a nation has now been split into a thousand individual voices screaming to gain control, to be heard over the ear-splitting din. What is a Republic really? Is it the best way to govern a country - to let the people decide who gets to call the shots; Or is it just a simple enough way…


Night falls and the clouds loom low,
And the wind whistles it's forlorn melody.
The pitter-patter of the rain, the sudden flash of lightning,
and for an instant, the whole world's still.

Birds seek shelter under leaves and oak,
While the four-legged ones scamper to hide.
Heavy drops of ice-cold water from the heavens above,
That's all can be heard, for the whole world's still.

As the rains slowly fade away into the night,
The world seems to come alive,
As one sound subsides, another takes it's place,
With the sounds of a thousand voices' relieved sigh,
But wherefrom the voices come, no one knows,
For they come from the darkness of the night.
The rains have gone, but the clouds fill the sky,
With no sun to light the void.

And then you come out of your hiding place,
tiny lantern of the night,
One little drop of golden hue, and then a thousand more,
Setting the bushels aglow.


Hey guys,

So the reason why I've been away so long is that there's something new I've been working on. It's a work in progress and it's just started to take shape.

The name's Nojoto.

We have a blog going that started about a week back. It's all about creating a social identity that's quite different from the numerous social networking sites on the internet.

Hopefully I'll be able to put up a sneak peek of the project for you guys soon!

Till then, check it out!!