Night falls and the clouds loom low,
And the wind whistles it's forlorn melody.
The pitter-patter of the rain, the sudden flash of lightning,
and for an instant, the whole world's still.

Birds seek shelter under leaves and oak,
While the four-legged ones scamper to hide.
Heavy drops of ice-cold water from the heavens above,
That's all can be heard, for the whole world's still.

As the rains slowly fade away into the night,
The world seems to come alive,
As one sound subsides, another takes it's place,
With the sounds of a thousand voices' relieved sigh,
But wherefrom the voices come, no one knows,
For they come from the darkness of the night.
The rains have gone, but the clouds fill the sky,
With no sun to light the void.

And then you come out of your hiding place,
tiny lantern of the night,
One little drop of golden hue, and then a thousand more,
Setting the bushels aglow.


skullz said...

Absolutely divine thought !!

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Thank you! :)