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Life's Little Instructions

Sing in the shower.
Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
Watch a sunrise at least once a year.
Leave the toilet seat in the down position.
Never refuse homemade brownies.
Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Plant a tree on your birthday.
Learn 3 clean jokes.
Return borrowed vehicles with the gas tank full.
Compliment 3 people every day.
Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.
Leave everything a little better than you found it.
Keep it simple.
Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
Floss your teeth.
Ask for a raise when you think you've earned it.
Overtip breakfast waitresses.
Be forgiving of yourself and others.
Say, "Thank you" a lot.
Say, "Please" a lot.
Avoid negative people.
Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards.
Wear polished shoes.
Remember other people's birthdays.
Commit yourself to constant improvement.
Carry jumper cables in your truck.
Have a firm handshake.
Send lots of Valentine cards.
Sign them, "Someone who thinks you're terrific."
Look people in the eye.
Be the first to say hello.
Use the good silver.
Return all things you borrow.
Make new friends, but cherish the old ones.
Keep a few secrets.
Sing in a choir.
Plant flowers every spring.
Have a dog.
Always accept an outstretched hand.
Stop blaming others.
Take responsibility for every area of your life.
Wave at kids on school busses.
Be there when people need you.
Feed a stranger's expired parking meter.
Don't expect life to be fair.
Never underestimate the power of love.
Drink champagne for no reason at all.
Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.
Don't be afraid to say, "I made a mistake."
Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know."
Compliment even small improvements.
Keep your promises no matter what.

Marry for love.

Rekindle old friendships.
Count your blessings.
Call your mother.

by H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Abhinav said…
Chhoti choti magar moti baatein!
thank you shaktimaan!


Mads said…
this is soooooooooo nice. i really needed to read something like this...
*down with food poisoning. booo at my mess ka khaana. feeling upset che. henceforth wanted something to cheer me up*

Thanks :D
Now u deserve a girlfriend for sure...Will findo seriously.
*runs to*
\m/ first to comment...yet again \:D/
Mads said…
stupid stupid stupid abhinav bhatt!!!!!!
I'm still first to read it :| I only threw ur blog's link on him. So technically i'm firster :|
Nidzzi said…
nice post. if u do all this u r not just good atma but a maha - aatma :D
i mean being so good in nt practical but whts harm to try
each one of them are little things we totally ignore.. glad to read it.. will keep reminding myself of these things..
I had a huge poster on my hostel wall stating the instructions of life...
very simple though,they make so much sense..
thank u for putting this up:)
well thats enough to be a sublime thoughts...
i think i should take a print out n hang it everywhere....
so that i dont go wrong anywhere...
and let others not go....

Life 24*7 said…
small things that matter a lot :)
Shaunak said…
@ Abhinav

Thank you :)
I love this list. Printed it out and stuck it to my wall :P
Shaunak said…
@ Mads

You're throwing by link all over the place! Good thing I have insurance :P holds no interest for me. Real life's where the action is. Pursue nahi kiya toh kya kiya? right :D

Glad it cheered you up. Now you know why it's called a "Mess"
Shaunak said…
@ Nidzzi

Why not? :) Doing many of these needs little conscious effort. Do try them out one by one.
Shaunak said…
@ Kajal

Yep. Little things that make a difference, in your life, and in others'.
Shaunak said…
@ Richa

So did I, in my room that is :)
These have a real feel-good factor to them.
Shaunak said…
@ Vaidehi

haha definitely go for it! Put up a big poster in your room and read it once in a while. You'll automatically start doing these things.
Shaunak said…
@ Neha


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