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One of those days...

There are days, and then there are days.

Ever had one of those when nothing seems right? From the time you wake up in the morning and the lights are too bright, or everyone seems to be shouting even while talking to you? It’s funny, one day you’re perfectly chirpy and everything’s just fine, and then you wake up next morning.

Bright bloody sunlight! Why did the sun have to come up today? Can’t it be night for a few more hours?

Okay okay mom! I’m up already. You don’t have to shout so much! Geez…for the sake of two minutes of rest. The geyser’s broken so no hot water. Taking a bath’s a pain too, and the soap falls down the pot. Yuck! I’m never putting my hand in there!

Everything everyone says pisses you off, no matter how simple the statement might be.

Mom: Eat fast, you will be late! (Duh mom, why do you think I’m half dressed anyway??! And all this while I’m thinking “Swallow, not chew! Swallow not chew!”)

Even something as simple as the conductor asking if I have a ticket or not gets a crack at it – “Why do you think I’m holding a ten rupee note under your frikkin nose man! Daan de raha hai kya main?(translated – am I giving charity or something?)
So much drama...crap…and you have not a clue in the world as to why that’s so. But it is. So deal with it.
Yeah right!

Bad days make for bad moods(yea yea…laugh you perverts…yes you too.)
That makes for bad grammar, which I hate anyway. So excuse my English at this point coz any and every criticism to it will result in a lengthy and extremely irritating comment on your latest blogpost using the worst possible English.

Thank you.


Mads said…
yoooooooooooooooo i like angry frustrated posts :D \m/

Taking a bath’s a pain too, and the soap falls down the pot. Yuck! I’m never putting my hand in there!-->>> serves u right for reading the newspaper in the loo!!! *smirks*

Bad days make for bad moods(yea yea…laugh you perverts…yes you too.)---->>> soooooo cool :D
Shaunak said…
@ Mads

Newspaper thing again? Let it go! Seriously. It's the loo. Let it go. :P :P
Best feeling in the world :P

How's your moods today?(TV ad! Don't say pervert!)
Manoj Kelath said…
zabardasth hai yaar.....
Shaunak said…
@ Manoj

Thank you yaar!

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