For you, dear friend

For the nicknames we gave each other,
for the times we shared a plate in the canteen,
for the pranks we played on each other,
and those that we played on others,
You shall always be there in my heart.

We played, we fought,
we learnt, we taught,
sometimes serious, sometimes silly,
some were lame, some plain crazy,
But for all that we were, we were good fun,
It was one for all and all for one,
As the musketeers we braved each day,
with our swords held high and enemies at bay.
But now, after so long, our ways have parted,
and we barely get to meet,
And every time I hear your voice,
My heart skips two beats.
For in comes flooding all the memories of the good ol' days,
My eyes stay dry but my my heart cries out,
not with sorrow, but with joy.
The memories are those most dear to me,
even those of tears,
for whenever I've cried, it was with you,
You made me forget all my fears.
For these moments of untarnished bliss, I thank you today,
As I shall till the end,
These thoughts I pen down this special day,
For you, my dear, dear friend.

This one goes out to all my friends, old and new, personal and online. Wherever you are, however we may have met, know that you're very precious to me.

Happy friendship's day!


Mads said...

Really nicely written. It's as good as those senti poems we see in forwards or in greeting cards :)

Happy Friendship Day :) u rock totally \m/
even if u read the newspaper in the loo :( :X

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

really sweet post.. :) happy friendship day to you too shaunak..

divsi said...

happie frnship day!!!!!! sweet poem:) glad to be yr frn shaun!!:))

Alpana Mandal said...

nice poem - though the red on grey combo really hurts my eyes!

Deepika Gupta said...

Wow!! this is so sweet of you :) :)
May God bless you with more good friends in your life...
tc :)

Shaunak said...

@ Mads

Thanks yaar! U scissors, I win!! :P
Coz even with the paper,
when I'm sitting in the loo,
thinking of you,
life is SHIT without you!


Shaunak said...

@ Kajal

To you too! :)

Shaunak said...

@ Divsi

Right back at ya! :)

Shaunak said...

@ Alpana

Looks like the template didn't load completely for you. It's actually red on white :D

Shaunak said...

@ Deepika

Thanks so much! Wish you the same too :) :)

Alpana Mandal said...

shaunak - whoa! my bad!

Mads said...

u are sick :(
@ the poem u scribbled in the comments.

grace said...

This one was really beautiful!
Wonderful thought expressed wonderfully well.
Besides your wit you deserve good praise for your of sense of rhyming as well.