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Where is your cell phone? Under a pile of clothes
Relationship? Single (mads, kuch kar! :P )
Your hair? Military cut(partly Ghajini, but who cares :P )
Work? Taking a break
Your sister? Married and writes damn well!
Your favorite thing? Long drives and Seashores
Your dream last night? That I was flying
Your favorite drink? Rum n Coke
Your dream car? Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
The room you're in? My room
Your fears? Small confined spaces and partly heights(gotten over that bit)
What do you want to be in 10 years? Rich and happy! :D
Who did you hang out with this weekend? School friends
What are you not good at? Dancing
One of your wish list items? A Hoverboard(seen Back to the Future? yeah, that one!)
Where you grew up? Mumbai meri Jaan!
Last thing you did? Had lunch
What are you wearing? Shorts
What aren't you wearing? Don't get ideas!
Your pet? Want a wolf or a large German Shepherd
Your computer? Sony Vaio laptop
Your life? Confused
Your mood? Sublime
Missing? Friends
What are you thinking about right now? Which camera to buy...
Your kitchen? Is well stocked
Your summer? Goa baby!
Your favorite color? White, black and red
Last time you laughed? When I tried teaching someone to drive
Last time you cried? While watching a movie
School? was the best!
Love? Happens when you least expect it.

I tag everyone who reads this post :D


i read.. found it interesting..and also found that i am tagged coz i read it.. hheheehehehe:P
Shaunak said…
@ Kajal

hehehe...good. Now your turn :D
divsi said…
i was lukin out for a tag..thankoo:) hehe:)
Mads said…
haan haan kuch karungi
*is in tension due to the immense pressure u are putting*

ghajini cut :O
u have a vaio!!!!!!! awwwww <3
will take it up :D
Thank you for accepting the tag... :)

I would suggest a Sony CyberShot W series or H series... :)

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Tere pyaar ne kar diya pagal,
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(I think this deserves an applause :P )


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