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When the giant awakens...

In the distance the giant awakens
fire in the belly, rising from slumber deep
red molten fury beneath a crust frozen over
rip the sky apart and make it weep.
He looks down and sees her dance shiver, curl, swirl and crash motion fluid yet every pulse of power mould herself with every splash.
A worthy roar and a quiver of rage a thrust of fire and boundaries break Stallions of yellow and red gallop down the rocky breast black soot of destruction in their wake.
She looks up at him with a loving gaze her arms entwined to a cold embrace white spray and rainbow hues aglow forever nudging his rough surface.
And then the twine meet at long last loud escape of hissing satisfaction she holds him close, he pushes into her now, as one, in neutral inaction.

Rapid fire Writing my thoughts out!

Somewhere at the airport, lost in time and with nothing to do is when I realize the words that have welled and swelled up inside me over the past few months. It's been ages since I wrote. Checked back at my blog today and realized the last post was in August. Yeah, then. Writing was...probably, yes probably still is my passion and my blog, my confidante. I doubt myself because I barely get time to write these days.
Come to think of it, why did I start writing in the first place? I daydreamed all day long. Two hour travelling time alone makes you do such things. Well, that and my mind was always an adventure to me. I close my eyes and I'm off to middle-earth, battling orcs and crazed dragons, firing up energy in the mere palms of my hands and blocking out immense balls of fire shot at me by wizards from lands unknown. Then there were the more real situations...not so real too probably because I like to put myself in movies that I love, be it the romantic Sound of Music, hilario…