When the giant awakens...

The poem was inspired by this beautiful photo clicked by my friend and photographer extrodinaire Abhijeet Singh.

In the distance the giant awakens
fire in the belly, rising from slumber deep
red molten fury beneath a crust frozen over
rip the sky apart and make it weep.

He looks down and sees her dance
shiver, curl, swirl and crash
motion fluid yet every pulse of power
mould herself with every splash.

A worthy roar and a quiver of rage
a thrust of fire and boundaries break
Stallions of yellow and red gallop down the rocky breast
black soot of destruction in their wake.

She looks up at him with a loving gaze
her arms entwined to a cold embrace
white spray and rainbow hues aglow
forever nudging his rough surface.

And then the twine meet at long last
loud escape of hissing satisfaction
she holds him close, he pushes into her
now, as one, in neutral inaction.


Umesh Agarwal said...

amazing lines shaun..it was difficult to decide whether the pic was better or d poem..bt with due respect to ur poem, the pic says it all...hats off to that guy..kudos!

Dewdrop said...

Bro, what a fab way to capture beauty... and that pic is my inspiration for my next oil!

Piyu said...

very shiva n taandav inspired... i hope not from that ugly book by Amish though :P bhaalo :)

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Naa...This was written long before he wrote that book!