One of those days - Part II

Well, I started off the day thinking there are days, and there are days.

Stuff goes wrong every once in a while and as a guy named Murphy (NOT Dr. Dolittle man! Sheesh! Read more!) once said, "If things can go wrong, they will....well, something on those lines anyway.

Guess what? Got proved today.

It's like all the goof-ups, all the little events-that-follow-murphy's-law came crashing down upon me. It all started with my post earlier today : link

Bad moods were just the beginning. Come evening, I had to meet a friend for some grub. So I drove down to the mall nearby (by "nearby" I mean a few kilometres away at the very least :| ) Sounds simple? Not so in my life...

First, the car wouldn't start. A little bit of tinkering and it roared to life, and it's this old 1994 model of a 118 NE. So when it roars, it ROARS! So, roaring and growling away, I drove out onto the main road. At a traffic signal, there was a HUGE buildup of trucks, buses and tankers. Poor me got stuck between two trucks like a sitting duck for the traffic cops to pull to the side for "breaking the signal"

First of all, I don't get the concept of "breaking" a signal. If I broke it, would I actually stick around in my car waiting for someone to arrest me?
Would you?
I thought so.

So after squabbling
with him for sometime, he agreed to a tiny fine of a hundred bucks. Money received, he turned all friendly and chatty and went ahead to check out my car. "Waah, kya mayentayen kiya hai!" he says with a marathi accent thicker than you can cut with a knife. (for all you engreji babus and babys, he said "You've maintained it well." After happily(read: grudgingly) discussing the specs of the car, I was on my way.

Then my friend doesn't pick up her phone, so I wait for sometime before deciding to make my way to Vashi. The drive to Vashi was probably the only relaxed point of my day with a half hour drive on the open freeway and a nice long bridge. Upon reaching, I realized that my car window had broken from within.

Perfect, innit?

Better part of the next hour and a few hundred rupees later, I was back on the road and making my way back home as quickly albeit as safely as possible to bide the rest of the day off in the safety of my own four walls.

On the upside, I found a pimped up brother for my car parked at my colony's entrance today. Too cool! I just HAD to park next to it. Check 'em out:

Pictured right, my car. Left, his pimped up chak-de-phatte brother :D Sexeh aren't they?


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

itne bure din ko itna hilariously bataya.. i am still smiling.. cool is classic.. :)

Deepika Gupta said...

yeah... sexeh :P
Enjoyed reading it...
Hilarious though i can sense how annoyed you were :) :)

Shaunak said...

@ Kajal

Yaar, bure din ki hadh hoti hai. I was laughing my butt off when I wrote about it :D

Shaunak said...

@ Deepika

Hahaha...thank you!
I was pretty irritated, and at one point, on the freeway, I started shouting at the truck-drivers who overtook me. Was so hilarious! They've probably never heard such language from a moving car before.:P

Mads said...

hehe why do such incidents which leave u frustrated make others find it so hilarious :O :P

100 rs. fine is okay i guesss...btw why are fines called fines? they aren't fine for the person paying them :O

mast pic waise :D
p.s- ahem ahem. meeting a female friend, eh? :D :D :D :D :D :D

Umesh Agarwal said...

great post!! :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

im very late...but much fun it was reading through...
n wat a car!!is it for sale???:D

Shaunak said...

@ Mads

It's all a government conspiracy. Actually the money they receive makes them happy. So it's a fine for them.

Lol, effort yeh side se bhi jaari hai mere dost. Meeting female friends n all :P

Shaunak said...

@ Umesh

Thanks man! The day wasn't as great though :P :P

Shaunak said...

@ Richa

You buying? Mine is, bling-car isn't. You're welcome to a test drive though. Feels just like riding a horse.

Stupidosaur said...

jhakass car!
does that mean jhak= kick?