Yaadein hi Yaadein

Remember that feeling of wonder when you looked at an airplane fly over your head?
Remember spreading your arms and running across the open field of green, trying to chase it?

(I feel the wind in my hair...)

Remember the look of excitement on your face when mum handed you an ice candy?

Remember giving her a tight kiss after the candy and giggling over the orange mark you left behind on her cheek?
(I still feel the tight squeeze of her hug)

Remember walking hand in hand to school with your friends?
Remember holding their hand while being scolded together by the teacher for not doing homework?

(I still thank him for doing mine coz I fell ill)

Remember singing in tune to the National anthem?
Remember singing out of tune to the school hymns?

(...and to the morning prayers and every poem they taught)

Remember sharing tiffin at recess?

Remember showing off your tiffin box full of maggi?

(then crying over it when it fell down)

Remember the towel around your neck and superman in your heart?
Remember being a fireman, a tarzan and a G.I.Joe wrapped in one?

(I was batman too! :)

Remember your first crush on tv or from school?

Remember your parents going "awww..." and your friends going "hawww..."

(I still blush when I think of her)

Remember waking up for school in the morning and not noon?

Remember feeling all grown up wearing full pants to school?

(leather shoes and your first pocket money...)

Remember using ink pens because they improved handwriting?

Remember lauging over the ink blotches all over your friends face, not knowing you had more on your own?

(I yet cannot write without blotting paper)

Remember getting embarrassed when you hear a couple say "I love you" to each other?

Remember giggling over it with your friends?
(thinking of saying it to a girl at the same time)

Remember feeling proud of your first bicycle?
Remember learning to ride and you never knew when dad let go?

Remember crying over it because he did?
(then realizing you had learnt to ride a bicycle!)

Remember the joy of laughing in the rain?

Remember coming home dripping wet?

(I still do that when I can)


Woh school ki seedi woh pyaar bhari baatein

Woh syllabus ki tension woh exam ki raatein,

Canteen ki party woh b'day ki laatein,

ruthna manana woh bunk mulakate,

Library mein woh sona
woh music
woh movie woh cards ki magic,

Proposal ki planning mein raat ka gujarna,

Fir class k peehche ki seat pe sona

Library mein jakar chehro ko padna

Betuki bato ko seriously lena,

Woh matlab ki batein hasi mein udana,

Na woh din hai na raate na gussa na baatein,

Agar Kuch Hai To Bas "YAADEIN HI YAADEIN"......


Anonymous said...

will it be enough to tell you that i brought my entire family together and read your post out to them... yeah that's how much i liked this one.. :) now everyone at home knows who shaunak is..and has suddenly developed more respect towards blogging !!

bachpan ki baatein to sab likhte hain,
yaado yaadein to sab likhte hai,
par tune to likh ke neende uda di,
bachpan ki yaadein aankho mein mila di,
achaanak badappan ka ehsaas mit gaya,
aisa laga ki dil apne bachpan se mil gaya!!

it is a big big achivement to make your reader actually forget everything else except the emotion that you conveyed.

now i am gonna buy an orange icecream and give mommy an orangy kiss and leave a sticky orange mark on her cheek.. :D

Anonymous said...

*yaado ki yaadein :) oops for the typo..

Shaunak said...

Oh Kajal, that's probably the highest level of appreciation you could show me. Thank you so much!

I'd written this lost in thought travelling home by train from work. Went back to my chaddi-school bag-water bottle days..loved it!

bachpan to kab ka guzar chuka hai,
par humara bachpana guzra nahi,
chote the hum kab bade ho gaye,
waqt ka pata chala hi nahi,
isliye un sunehre yaadon ko saath liye phirte hain hum,
jinki bachpana mein kho jaate hain hum,
Aur sochte sochte hothon pe kab muskuraahat khilte hain,
us waqt ka bhi pata chalta hi nahi.

Feel all warm inside whenever I think of those memories.

Anonymous said...

waah waaah.. well said shaunak :)

Life 24*7 said...

Awesome ! Loved the post !

Sanvar Oberoi said...

That was very well written Shaun. It brings about a feeling of nostalgia.
Awesome work! Am RSS-ing you.

Shaunak said...

@ Neha
Thank you so much! :)

Shaunak said...


Thanks buddy! Keep dropping by and start your own. We'd love to hear your daily dose of female related escapades :P

hary!! said...

very true dude! well ice candy from mom just brought me the thought its been a year since i saw my mom! yaado ki yaadein!

thanx buddy keep writin


Mads said...

lovely post. and the ending was just the icing on the cake....
:( why do we grow up...?? :(

Shaunak said...


aw dude...that's so sad. Hostel life?

Shaunak said...


Wish we didn't :(
However old we may grow, lets remain a child within. That's the best thing in the world, to be able to see things as simply as from a child's point of view :)

Amrita~Ams said...

oye wow...chwwwwweeet..
esp the maggie one:P..bcoz..even in engg i do the same :P

Shaunak said...

@ Amrita

aww..actually, so do I :P
And welcome back!

divsi said...

kewlo!!!:)) maaggi.....awww!! lovely!

Monisha said...

wow! that was amazing... you are a pet and i didnt know it.. cool man!!

Anonymous said...

Shaunak, you are being missed at my blog.. :(

Umesh Agarwal said...

great post...brought back some good old yaadein..

AnDy said...

dude its killer stuff u've been writin man.... !!!! amazing work ! keep it up :)

Shaunak said...


Arre that side of me comes out now and then :P

Shaunak said...

@ Umesh

Yea re...really miss those days :(

Shaunak said...

@ Andy

Thank you :)

hary!! said...

No Shanuk...been like a year abroad and never have these stuff any more!

Sweet Addiction said...

lovely nostalgic lines Shaunak. Main toh teri fan hogai.
I never cried in Library but home wrk jarur kiya hai waha beth kar.

n canteen meant maggie pakoda. i still miss its smell

Shaunak said...

Thanks dear nidz. I often drift off into my memories. It was the most beautiful time of my life.
I miss school!

Sweet Addiction said...

I miss school too . Glad tht my frens are still connected thru yahoo group email n facebook :)
we often meet whn ever i go to my home town or Ktm. so many get together. its one. none like school frens.