Friday, May 22, 2009

First Rains!

Slowly I opened my eyes. I could faintly hear songbirds singing in faraway trees, welcoming the glorious sun with their melody. I wiped the little beads of perspiration from my brow which came from an especially humid night. I sat up in my bed and took in a deep breath. Wait...what was that smell? Was it... No, it can't be...Not so soon! It was the smell of wet earth! How could I not recognize it? It meant it had rained last night!.. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window.

All around me, I could see the fresh sparkle of dew glistening in the morning light, the leaves newly washed and blossoming in their resplendent glory. As I took in the beautiful scenery that spread out in front of me, I heard excited chirps. First, softly; Then it grew louder and louder till I could hear nothing else. I couldn't believe my ears! Sparrows, hundreds of them, filling up the trees and chirping their hearts out. It was quite the sight for me. I had thought that sparrows were dying out in Mumbai and here I was, sitting in sparrow haven! After a while as the chirps softened a little, the songbirds picked up where the sparrows left off. It was a musical rhapsody like no other. I just stood at the window enraptured by the unusual orchestra and drifted off. The songbirds evoked so many emotions within me and I stood, drowning in the ever changing moods of their song. One sang of his lost mate, of their everlasting love, of how much his soul longed for its partner and of how much he missed their bond. Another sang of the new day, welcoming the good things to come and wishing the bad away with a beautiful melody that not even the most skilled of musicians can reproduce. It was a perfect blend of emotions. And as I closed my eyes, stretched out my arms and drew in another deep breath, a small smile danced on my lips and knew that it was the perfect start to a day.


Dewdrop said...

Wow! I could almost smell the fragrance of wet earth! Nicely worded!

The Pink Orchid said...

perfect doesnt even come close defining it.. send a few clouds down south too..
i want a perfect start of the day too..

Life 24*7 said...

Loved it ! I love rains !!

divsi said...

i second dewdrop!!:)
wonderfully vivid;)

Sweet Addiction said...

mmm so events beings impact. this one was nice one. One of such moments was n was whn i got up early morning for walk n i saw so many birds .. its was nice moment. Fresh air n all