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A New year and new features!

Each year leaves an impression, a change in you that cannot be felt at once. You shall not notice it even if you look back and ponder for hours at end. But it does. Each year brings with it new experiences, new emotions and most importantly, new people into your lives. These people, and the experiences you share with them are what define and refine your personality.

I started my blog around a year back, and haven't looked back ever since. Over time, I've read so many wonderful blogs of some of the most talented writers I've seen. Writers may not even be the right word...rather expressionists in the literary sense. They paint pictures with words and let loose emotions that are only felt but not shared, but these artists of words make that possible, with beautifully woven words and intensely expressed emotions that I fail to comprehend at times. To all these wonderful bloggers, I bow.

I love each and every blogger that I follow, and it isn't humanely possible to feature every single one of them, but I shall try my best in more than one post.

So, here's the first ever feature on my blog for my friends and fellow bloggers. I love all you guys!

P.S. I am a dick when it comes to featuring people, since I don't know what to write about them.

mysterg - Meditations in an Emergency
Mysterg is one with a charming personality. I've only recently started following him. He writes often and writes great. His meditations, when not cracking you up with his wit, will take you soul searching through his eyes and leaves you knowing yourself better. One awesome person whom I simply cannot stop reading.

Some of my favourite posts from him:
To whom it may concern
Sexy Time with Mysterg (simply coz it got more hits on his blog than anything else :P )
Talkin' bout my Generation - 2

Cheryl - Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old
Another blogger I started following recently, Cheryl is funny to the core. A proud canadian, she'll talk about all the shit on earth, and some really cool stuff too, from Dating Wednesdays to the recently added Rant It Saturdays. One awesome blogger!

Stuff worth checking out:
Talking to your parents about sex
After a week of freedom, I am back to slaved labor and censorship, which is cool, I guess.
Taking baths with another person is weird

A sHiT-fOr-TaT
A crazy collaboration between a smart-ass, a gujju south-Indian, a romantic dreamer and a
sarcastic hero, S4T is one of the first blogs I started following. The shittiest to the wittiest takes on current affairs, their own affairs, digging up B-grade movies for their own benefit(s). These guys know their shit. Quite literally.

Check out these bloggers independently too. Each is a crazy person in their own right. So be careful.


Some Shit for your benefit:
Hey, what's your name Basanti?
The Tring-tones!
Downside UP! (For the sheer effort in reading it and the time wasted in the process.)

Esther - Wearing an Invisible Crown
Her posts are sweet, funny, random, but they never fail to leave a smile on my face. Esther has one of the biggest hearts I've ever known, online or offline. She writes from personal experiences and memories and she's awesome.

Check out some of hers!
Random friend requests
A Situation I hate to be in (one I totally identify with)
On my Birthday (the one that made me fall in love with her BIG heart.)

There's a lot more to come. This new year's day, I've made a promise to myself that in the coming three hundred odd days (Sundays are holidays. Come on!) I shall achieve whatever I set my mind to. No procrastination. No excuses.

Happy 2010 everyone!
Hope the Mayans are wrong and we live another hundred years!!


Mads said…
lol :P
described us so well aur mere liye itna boring description :P
anyway...will check out other blogs bhi. heard a lot abt cheryl's blog...waise :-w

happy new year :D btw ur shit is something awesome too :D :P
Shaunak said…
Gujju-south-Indian? It's like the most kickass description ever! Like Wolverine with wings!
You're like the superpower of typical Indian-ness!

My shit's good too? Thank you thank you :D I'm trying to force entry into the club, that's why :D

P.S. Cheryl's awesome! And so is mysterg and esther. Check all of them out.
peter said…
Thanks dude :)
I somehow caught the glimpse of ur previous post that says Neha Part 3..Now that name sounds awesome to me any day (dun ask why/how)...i am off to read those 3 parts :)
Esther said…
Shaunak thank youuuu soooooooooooooo much for featuring me.. Trust me I chucked the 2009 part with a bash.. I enjoyed 31st dec 2009 to the peak, 1st jan 2010 was amazing.. couple of minutes before you pinged I was looking @ the time and was wondering darn its the second day of the year I hope it goes well... Buddy I tell you, you made my day! >:D<

I'll make sure to read all the blogs.. And this is a wonderful post of 2010 :-)
Cheryl said…
Blush! (: Thanks!! I'm totally overrated. There are so many new blogs to read, I'll have to get on them!
PS, I love mysterg too- he's just great ,eh?
Abhinav said…
First of all, Have an awesome 2010 and the years ahead will be great as well! :)

Thanks for mentioning S4T :) and pats on the back for mentioning me separately! :)

Keep writing!
Madhu said…
new here..i completely agree to what u wrote abt east...she is my bestest pal..:) HAppy to read this!
Shaunak said…
Neha's story is coming to a conclusion. Stick around :D

@Esther can count on me to make a day feel good for you :)

Naa, you're awesome anyway.
PS, mysterg's too good.

WIsh you the same dude!
Every person gets an independent mention here. I've a democratic blog :P

Yeah, she's great. Stick around and we'll see more of you here! :D
Cheryl said…
Who are the Mayans to tell me when I'm going to die?

mysterg said…
You are far too kind Shaunak, when we both know that at your best, your writing makes me look positively average.

I'm glad you featured Cheryl...if you open the dictionary to find a definition of awesome, you would find her name there...she's simply wonderful.

More importantly, where is part 4???!!!
Shaunak said…
Lol. Yeah, fuck them, I'm staying alive!

Simply coz at my best, I still compare to your average. Your best is a league of it's own.

PS, I think I've used Cheryl and awesome in one sentence too many since I've started following her :D

Part 4 is up!

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