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Lost Inspiration...?

Well, I haven't blogged in AGES. A while back, when I actually started blogging, creative writing yada yada yada... there was something that would drive me to write every second day or so. I would look around while I travel, looking out for things out of the ordinary, things that interest me, things that I can draw inspiration from. My mind was always at work, imagining up fantasy stories in the shower, of werewolves, of vampires, of might and of magic, of despair and of love, everything that I saw could and would be converted into a daydream sequence (yea yea.. sounds lame.. sue me.. Mads, don't answer that one!)

Again, I love to sketch. I keep sketching my aforementioned dream sequences, trying to bring them to life. Sometimes an elf, sometimes a couple holding hands and walking under a lone street lamp set in the backdrop of a moonlit starry night. They would come easily. They say, when you love someone or something, it comes easily to you. It's easy. It becomes easy.


Awesome Bombay

Here's something I got as an E-mail. Thought I'd share it out here.

Enjoy! :)

Awesome Bombay! Bombay has no bombs and is a harbour not a bay.
Churchgate has neither a church nor a gate. It is a railway station.
There is no darkness in Andheri.
Lalbaug is neither red nor a garden.
No king ever stayed at Kings Circle .
Nor did Queen Victoria stay at Victoria Terminus.
Nor is there any princess at Princess Street .
Lower Parel is at the same level as Parel
There are no marines or sailors at Marine Lines.
The Mahalaxmi temple is near Haji Ali not at Mahalaxmi.
There are no pigs traded at Dukkar bazaar.
Teen batti is a junction of 3 roads, not three lamps.
Trams used to terminate at Kings circle not DadarTram Terminus (Dadar T.T.).
Breach Candy is not a sweetmeat market, but there is a Hospital.
Safed Pool has the dirtiest and blackest water.
You cannot buy coal at Kolsa street.
There are no Iron smiths at Lohar chawl.
There are no pot makers at Kumbhar wada.
Lokhandwala complex is not an Iron and ste…

All in a day's work

A little bit of excitement in my life :)

Sometime back I wrote a post about how crowded the trains in Mumbai are and how funny Train-ing can be. Well, here's something totally unexpected that happened yesterday, something which most of us think cannot happen to us...well, it was fun though... so read on!

Coming home from work is usually quite boring, standing in the overheated, overcrowded compartment of the second class local. And heaven help you if you're travelling at peak hours. After all, in those forty long minutes, you're drenched in the sweat and perspiration, most of which may not be your own!(yuck!)
So, for that and that reason alone, I'm usually at the door, hanging from the grill and enjoying the cool evening air.(yea, yea, now go all responsible mommy and scold me for being reckless. See if I care :P )
Ah, so where was I? Oh yeah, the door. Well, there I was, right at the front, with a freakishly tall half-mawali guy behind me trying all sorts of acrobatics a…