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Chocolate Fantasies!

There are few things more sensual than chocolate. First there's the whole chocolate aphrodisiac thing, and it's mimicry of endorphins - the pleasure hormones. And then there's the rich, smooth and creamy texture to it that literally melts in your mouth and leaves you craving for more.

Known as the "Love Chemical", romantic lore has always identified chocolate as an aphrodisiac indulging in the simple pleasure of consumption. Some reports say that since all chocolate was recognized as stimulants, were denied to women. Other studies say that the Aztecs and Mayans were some of the first to recognize its potency and celebrated the harvest of cacao with festivals of orgies. For all we know, both may be true. As I see it, if you want all those women craving for love, why would you deny it to them in the first place? Also, as we stand today, this lore has carried on for centuries and ended up in our bedrooms as the perfect plaything for couples. Experimenting around with…

A State of Trance

This is trance.
The constant rhythmic beats of an electronic synth pad. An ever changing in tempo. Heavy bass. Thump thump thump thump.. You nod to the beats, mesmerized in the new-age rhapsody of the musical genius of Armin Van Buuren. Suddenly, the beats stop and you hear nothing but silence. Yes, you hear silence and you revel in the glory of the absence of sound. And then, a voice, pure and pristine rings out clear as crystal as it rises to a splendid vocal that is only supplemented by the electronica picking up where it left off, rising in volume from nothingness, as if reborn from ashes as a phoenix does, till it fills the empty void broken only by the voice behind the words, matching it in pitch and emotion alike. The music drowns all. You are no longer simply listening to the music. You feel it. You understand it. You become one with the music. The words spoken by the voice fills your head and drowns out all other sound as you let it take over your emotions. The energy in the m…

Back in black!

Ha! I thought I'd lost the urge to blog, but I suddenly realized that it wasn't the feel for blogging I'd lost, it was the time. I'll let you into a little secret. I've always blogged from a Cafe Coffee Day outlet near my office, the reason being that I would relax there for sometime before or after work. And that gave my mind the freedom to wander and the time to pen it down.As I've already mentioned, if you do something you love, it should come effortlessly. For the past few months I've been shuffling between MBA preps and office and gym, with the result being that the minute I reached home, I'd be dead tired. Now that isn't exactly the condition that you wanna write in, is it?

Anyway, I've got loads to write, so bear with me.

Sometime back I caught a pickpocket. All in a day's work y'know :P It was pretty darn good and felt great...almost like I had underwear over my pants and a red towel cape on my back. But what I didn't realize w…