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Days with my camera

I've been clicking pictures around town ever since I bought a camera. I've always wanted to do a photoblog, but never got the initiative.
Procrastination sucks innit?

Anyway, I've a set of photos that I'd wanted to share with you guys.

1. FOOD!!
Sometime back, I went for a nice lunch with my family to the Taj hotel, Mumbai. Remember my chocolate fantasies? Well, enjoy a glimpse of some more :P

Clockwise from left to right,
- Vanilla Ice cream with Hot Chocolate Sauce
- Lemon mousse
- Apricot and chocolate cake
- Chocolate mousse with butterscotch cream
- Masala Chai concoction (which was my personal fave)
Oh and a choco-stick coz it reminds me of school :P

Cafe Vihar at Churchgate used to me a regular lunch home for us. The bar wasn't badly stocked either. Good for a quick beer or a rum or two after work.

From left to right:
Top shelf - Bacardi breezers, White Mischief, McDowell's, Director's Special, Bagpiper, Royal Stag, Imperial Blue, Smirnoff, Alcazar
Lower Shelf - Golconda, Old Monk, Signature, Antiquity, DSP Black, Blender's Pride, Royal Challenge, Peter Scot, Teacher's

1. And New Life:
A Red Whiskered Bulbul - This beautiful girl built her nest right outside my window. Expecting eggs soon enough!

She looks at me. Haughty gal, ain't she?

Posing away, checking whether I'm clicking or not.


Naarya said…
The food looks aussome!!! You should try using some software on the bird pic to bring more focus on the subject. (if you dont mind me giving such gyaan...)
Naarya said…
ooohh...i cant stop staring at that first pic of urs...
Shaunak said…
The bird pic was taken from the other side of a metal net. Can't get any clearer than that.

I've worked on the digital darkroom in photoshop, adjusting the levels and contrasts to make the pic more vibrant. Too much sunlight made the pic a little washed out. But no amount of editing can bring the subject more in focus.

Sry, I'm a bit of a gyaan-giver myself :o)
Insignia said…
Oooohh La La....the dessert is yummy!! Nice snaps. Keep clicking!! and share it with us
Insignia said…
Oh yeah!! since you seem to be a foodie....this might really lift your spirits more. Check few of my food pictures -
Abhinav said…
ooooooooh the chocolates look like seriously yummy! }:-P

Bar bar jaana uss bar!

Pics are lovely.. Which Cam?
Shaunak said…
@ Insignia

That post was simply mouth watering! Too bad you're not a meatie sweetie. Meats have waaay more variety than veggies :D
Shaunak said…
@ Abhinav

Thanks bro. I got a Canon EOS 450D. Killer cam for a kickass price.
Insignia said…
Hey glad you liked the pics.
Hmm, thats what meat eaters say. But I am happy the way I am :-) Maybe in future, who knows :-P
nice pics..loved the food one..:)
i have also been playing around with the lens for sometime understand the fascination:)
every single thing looks picturesque:)doesnt it
Dhanya said…
Loved those snaps. Especially the last two :) :)
ladytruth said…
First time here and I'm already liking it as I see a few familiar and favorite things in the chocolate and well stocked bar ;) The pictures of the bird are quite remarkable.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog and taking the time to leave a comment; I'll be making myself at home here since I've read some of your previous posts (liked the one about the adult and child and the donkey-tag) and would like some coffee while I wait for the next one ;)

Like the way you write and what you write about; hope to see more of it soon :)
Shaunak said…
@ Ladytruth

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Loved your blog, read up on a few more of your older posts. The wedding bells are definitely not my cup of tea either, especially being dragged to numerous ones when I'd rather be out grabbing drinks ;)

P.S. I'm gonna hijack that African mole-rat of yours someday. It caught my fancy..erm...somewhat.
Akansha Agrawal said…
It clicked! :D

Awesome chocolate preps... but I had Thunderstorm (hershey's choc+coke+choci chips=heaven!) myself... so not so tongue-licking right now... ;)

You've got a real good eye for photos... :D
Umesh Agarwal said…
amazing pics man...gr8 job indeed...and that vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce reminded me of the good old NMSA days...attack!! ;)
Shaunak said…
@ Akansha

Thank you! :) Thunderstorm's awesome too!
Shaunak said…
@ Umesh

Oh man! That was so long back! Miss those days man!
divsi said…
the bird was awesumm...superb angle!!:)
IcE MaiDeN said…
Ahhhhhh!!!! chocolate!!! mmmmm :P
Hav u had Chocolate Avalanche at Mochas? Its sinful!!! :)

A bar shelf without Absolut on it? shayyy :P

Loved the birdie pics.. whch cam did u get? im thinkin of buying myself one fr my fast approaching bday :P

IcE MaiDeN said…
Oh n I jus remembered, try the Chocolate cheesecake from Grand Hyatt. Its another absolutely S.I.N.F.U.L dish I love. :)
Shaunak said…
@ Divsi

Thankoo! :D
Shaunak said…
@ Ice Maiden

Both of which I have indulged in quite often :D
Nice choice of dishes actually, I like a woman with good taste.
Keep those good flavors coming. I'm hungry already.
Shaunak said…
@ Ice Maiden

As for the camera, it's a Canon EOS 450D/ Rebel XSi...whichever you may call it. One awesome piece of equipment. If you're looking for a normal digicam, I'd suggest a Canon Powershot IS series. Awesome and compact.
IcE MaiDeN said…
And CanonPowershot was the exact one I was going to get!!! :)
Oh n I have a LIST of dishes :P MAybe I should dedicate a blog post to all my fav foods :P
*scratches head and starts thinking* :P

IcE MaiDeN said…
N I just remembered again :P
Theres a place called OvenFresh at Shivaji Park which has these AMAZING chocolate cakes. And ofc you might have heard of Merwans at Andheri :)
Shaunak said…
of course! Ovenfresh is right next to a friend's house. We used to have cake there almost every second day.

Have you tried some at Theobromas? Rumballs are S.I.N.!
IcE MaiDeN said…
oh nice!!! same here... OvenFresh is like 2min away from my friends place so we often have thse chocolate-pastry-mini parties :P

Hey, maybe we have the same friend? lolz :P
Shaunak said…
lolz...possibly. Facebook can get that clarified :P
In any case, we should dine on chocolates once :D
IcE MaiDeN said…
*srsly considering the possibility of a common frnd who stays at shivaji park* :P

Is ur frnd an ex-BSS girl who recently completed her engg?? :P

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