One of those days - Part III

Murphy is really after me. Sometime back, I had one of those know, when everything seems to go smoothly till things come crashing down like a roller coaster with a loose bolt.
Guess what? One of those days turned into two.

Morning greeted me with cold and left me sniffling in the shower. I sniffed in so much, water ran up my nose, down my throat and out my mouth. And our tank had been chemically treated recently.
Do the math.

Sitting down with a glass of warm milk and toast, I started feeling quite dandy, almost over the morning's mishap when my hard disk crashed. And I don't even mean Windows. Although it does crash more often than our outdated fighter jets that the government's been trying to phase out for years.

Anyway, that crash left me devoid of all my movies and TV shows collected and recorded for the better part of three years and running. That comes up to around 400 GB of video.

The day can't get any better, right?

HELL YEAH it can!

Post breakfast I put on some clean clothes and run for class. Time for some music! But Ipod...You guessed it! The Big Red Cross. It's like the Apple version of the Windows blue screen of death. Apple ain't so invincible after all. But that's not the point here. My Ipod had some of my best collections...around 10GB of it, which of course, again went for a nice little toss down the scrapyard. Apple store tells me my pod is beyond repair and the only thing I can do now is to avail of a lousy exchange offer that gives me a Rs.2000 discount on a new ipod. Big deal!
Aarrgh!! I just want to strangle them when they say "Sir, I'm sorry but our policy doesn't cover data recovery." Frikkin policies.

Bloody Murphy and his stupid laws. It's all his fault I tell you. Someone should have given him a wedgie or something when he came up with his theories.

On my way back home from the apple store, a big
fat woman sits next to me in the bus. Now, I am by no means of small build. Covering more than half the seat's breadth, I can barely share shoulders on a seat for two with another guy my size(not to say I'm fat, but healthy is a better word :D ) Well, Madam Fat-ass comes and sits next to me with all the attidude and air of an overfed piglet. Shoving about a bit and literally squeezing my butts into the window of the bus, she makes herself comfortable(or as comfortable as I was not), gives me a look of disdain and softly says, "Kitna jaga lete hain log!"(How much space can people take up!)
HELLO! I heard that, lady! Try
not comparing yourself to a sperm whale for once and you'll know how much extra space you take up. I think the earth has tectonic movements just because you're at the gym doing jumping jacks. For that matter, can you do jumping jacks? Guess not.
And She Stinks!! Oh MY GOD! I've been with my share of women, but none positively reek! Did her perfume just rot?
An hour and half later(blame Mumbai traffic) I got off the bus, took in about fifty deep breaths of fresh air polluted only by toxic exhausts of autorickshaws and drove back home from the parking lot at Chembur.

What a day man! I'm glad to be back home, in front of my laptop.
(which thankfully hasn't crashed)
(it's been giving me screen trouble)
(might crash soon.)

Rant over.

P.S. Any "Awwww"s and "Relax"s will get a volley of nonsensical comments in unthinkably bad English(since I like to carry on my threats from the previous posts)

P.P.S. I am accepting Ipod Nanos and new Seagate hard disks. Please send me a mail with your choice of what you want to gift me and I shall get back to you within a few seconds since it's about a gift for me.

You may now return to your mundane lives.

Thank you.


IcE MaiDeN said...

Ok Ok sorry ur probbly very frustrated *tries hard NOT to howl in laughter* :P

HDD crash!!! Mannnn!!! I SO feel for you!!!! My hdd crashed and ALL my movies(around 110 GB of them) and ALL my seasons - FRIENDS, LOST, Heroes, PB, BBT, HIMYM, Alias, Simpsons, 8 Simple rules, Gossip Girl - ALL GONE!!!!(god knows how many GB's) everythng.. pooh!! vanished!!! GONE!!! Damn I hate Vistas blue screen of death! I must have yelled hysterically for half n hr on those stupid DELL guys sitting in godforsaken chennai before I realised nothing can be done :P

Thankkkkk godddd my songs were intact!! I would have gone mad on a laptop devoid of songs :P So i can understand the Ipod situation too :P

"Kitna jaga lete hain log" --- *laughing so hard i have tears in my eyes!!! at 4.30 in d morning!!!* :P :D

So after that REALLY long comment Im getting back to my mundane life :P

*fingers crossed* if tht hdd failure ever happened to my pc at work.. *shudders in horror at even the thought*


Umesh Agarwal said...

The "page cannot be displayed" pic is damn hilarious...for the rest, start the collecting again!! :p

Abhinav said...


Loads of them.. I know how it feels!

Insignia said...

Hey, maybe I can help ya. I just bought myself a next gen ipod touch from the US of A. I can gift it to you buddy!!


I dont like that guy Murphy, made all our lives troublesome.

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

lol. heres my side. my brand new sony ericcson got stolen. my i-pod took a bath and is hence as bloody murphy has it beyond repair.

my laptop which contains everything that i have ever been proud of, including my unfinished novel is currently NOT WORKING. (not even booting) and i got an examination in a week.

so i guess i am accepting apple i-pods too. guide the ones who dont have anything of your interest to me. :)

Shaunak said...


Shift to Windows 7. It's a lot faster, smoother and more reliable.

Shaunak said...


Also, I lost the same set of TV shows! That 70s Show too!! Waaah! Somebody save me!
*realizes it's Smallville ka theme song*
*gets more depressed*

Shaunak said...


LOL! There are a few more of those "your pc is fucked" screens. If only they'd pop up more often :P

Shaunak said...


Thanks buddy! Appreciate it :)

Shaunak said...


You do that, I shall love you for life. I'll even bake you a cake when it isn't your birthday. Hell, I'll learn to bake a cake and make you one.


Shaunak said...


I'm telling you, Murphy's after our lives. He's got a tiff with karma.

IcE MaiDeN said...

Whatttt hello??!!!! I have been using Win7 for AGES!!! *looks offended!! im a software dev hello??!!!* :P ofc at office tht is :D

Shaunak said...

haha...that's simply coz you mentioned the vista blue screen of death. My Win7 is holding strong thru all the shit I put it through.

IcE MaiDeN said...

:P Yeah on my lappy I still have Vista :(
Im planning on getting Win7 soon. And then hopefully I wont get stupid messages like 'This page is bad' (wth does that even mean??!!) and 'the door to ur disk is open. close door and try again' (shakes head) :P

Dhanya said...

Awwwww!! Relaxxxxx! :P

*Waits to hear the volley of nonsensical comments from you*

Jokes apart, I think I better start creating a back up for my songs now. This post just scared me...

kish said...

Law of averages always fucks you up. You wake up, get some nice coffee in, but next thing you know, Everything's going wrong.
100gb is a lot, i feel you. A while back, I lost my entire Bergman and Kurasawa collection. Man that shit hurts:P

grace said...

Hey Shaunak!
This is my first time at your blog and I was grinning from ear to ear while reading your posts.
Appreciate your wit.Also you have a very interesting layout and not to forget interesting things to say about yourself.
Keep blogging!

Mads said...

u know when i saw that page is completely fucked up wala pic, i actually thought im seeing things :P

*sympathies for the loss*
but omg the way u described that bus incident. im rolling here...howling with laughter...rolling all the way to narendra modi's house

no wonder ur blog is one of my favourite blogs :D
video was awesome btw.
and hope ur studying for CAT...
take care :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hehe... read ur post during xams and LOLed for atleast half an hour ;)

no awwws.. but serious sympathies... touch wood, abhi tak toh my HDD and my ipod are both salamat... :-s

Bus incident left me ROFLing... :))

Btw, check blog when you have time. time se yaad aaya, good luck for CAT :)

Manoj Kelath said...

That was cool shawn....the page cannot be displayed stuff was awesome...