Heart, mind and soul

Sometimes we need to be hurt to grow, Sometimes we need to lose to gain,
Some lessons are best learnt through pain.
But what when the loss is far too much?
What when the pain becomes your crutch?
What then? Do you brace it all?
Do you stand when you want to fall?
Things are easier said than done,
To gain something good, the bad must be undone,
Maybe the bad is not meant to go away,
Maybe those very lessons are then here to stay,
Never let go of something so good,
Not a moment spent misunderstood,
Some say you should fight for what you love,
Some say these things need an extra shove,
A million people speaking of their own views,
A million people waiting for a hint of good news,
Mine is a voice amongst those scores,
A little broken symphony of olden lores,
Holding onto hope, for time to heal,
What may not be broken, but just the seal,
But if it ain't broke, why does it need fixing?
Why do these emotions keep on mixing?
The mind and heart are at constant war,
You want to keep going, but the journey will be far,
In search for a heart lost its way,
To hold her hand, never lead her astray,
Time is all she wants for now,
Time is all my heart can allow,
I strain my eyes for a glimmer of hope,
Darkness abounds as I trudge the rocky slope,
One word, one smile, a familiar kiss,
It just takes a moment to realise what's amiss,
Take the leap, my love, I am still here,
With my hand to hold, you shall have no fear.


Insignia said...

Heart touching intense lines. I hope these are just your creative expression and all's well.

Niti Chauhan said...

every line is heart touching. It is so emotional post. I really impressed from your post. a million people waiting for a hint of good. Your post line is heart touching. I am sharing your poem in my social media group Towing Des Moines . Keep posting.