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All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

I've been studying for as long as I can remember. I started working before I graduated, with the result that I've been working through college and after that as well. Then came MBA preparations that drove me a little bit crazier.

With all that crazy-mad rush to be the best and rush to complete assignments and projects, clients constantly breathing and drooling down your neck with every minor changes and details, I've been aching for a vacation, a really nice, relaxed vacation. So, when a friend Madhur Ramani suggested we go to Shillong for a short ten-day trip, it was awesome! Just the thing I was looking for.

So, for the next ten days or so, right up to the 22nd of this month, I shall be off blogging, off facebook and almost off every other social media except maybe my cell phone and email. I shall see you guys on the other side of his awesome cold cold winter as soon as I get back from my trip.

Be good, be happy, be awesome!

Adios y'all!

Neha - Part V

She looked at me, her almond eyes twinkling with mischief, took my hand. And the world around me disappeared. I could hear the music, the latin upbeat tunes of a funked up pink panther theme. I could feel the other dancers bumping into me now and then, twirling round, dancing with their partners. But I could see no one, for all I could see from the time she took my hand was her eyes looking into mine. We started off from the basic one-two one-two steps back and forth, unsure of how to proceed.

"Relax, take charge, you've done this before. Remember Anu's lessons and just go with the flow." I told myself.

But how could I relax when Neha was so close to me. She drew herself closer, and so did I. All we were doing was moving back and forth. I could tell that she wasn't sure I could actually dance. How could she? I'd never danced before, at least not in public. Behind the closed door of my bedroom was a different case, but that never really qualified as a real dance…

My Photoblog

Guys, before I go ahead with Neha's story, I'd like to invite you all to my photoblog - Snapshots

I've been clicking from the time I first got my hands on one of those old point and shoot cameras. Since then, I've craved for a really good camera so I can show the world what I see through my eyes. About six months back, I finally purchased the Canon EOS 450D (Also known as the Rebel XSi)
which was the perfect camera for me.
I fell in love with it from the very first shot. And I've been capturing images around me ever since. Today, it's an inseparable part of me. I take it with me wherever I go.

And so I humbly invite you to check out my, image at a time at Snapshots.

Enjoy the photos, and cheers!!

Neha - Part IV


Each time, in the past, that I'd have thought of the word, I'd imagine a princess out of a Disney storybook, golden hair tied up in a bun, a white frilly gown with puffy sleeves, a shining tiara on her head, resting just above her bangs, tilted just a little bit from her slightly wavy hair. Elbow length silky gloves covering her slender pale arms, leading my eye from one fingertip of one hand to the fingertip of the other. Satin laced high heels with straps going up her feet. And a light red lipstick lining those luscious lips.
But Neha, she was different, oh so different. Shopping with her was nothing like what I'd thought it would be. None of the boring talk about clothes, shoes and handbags. We chatted as if we were out buying a birthday gift for a friend. We window shopped most of the time, and more than once, she'd embarrass me by grabbing me and walking into a lingerie store. I'd run out of the store the moment I got the chance which left her laughing at …