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"I think I can take him." said Vic, rubbing his wrist with his right hand. "Hell no! You'll die before you even lay a hand on him." scolded Arya. They were travelling from the southern parts of Rajasthani lands, to the lush greens up north, when they'd chanced upon a pair of robbers roaming that area in search of unarmed travellers. They looked like a married couple, the robbers, and when Arya studied them closely, they didn't seem that bad either. But then, as she gazed into each one's eyes, all she could see was nothing. No emotions, just a cold calculating mind. They were the eyes of killers, of one who had learnt to survive with nothing but their partner and the clothes on their backs. It wasn't a pretty picture. The woman walked with a catlike grace, almost as if she could slice open her throat before she could even realize she's moved. Her face was covered with a black cloth that draped around her shoulders and down her back, not unlike…

Friends, Drinks and Rains

It seems that nowadays, the only times I blog or write is when I'm high. Which is why I blog less these days :P But seriously, words flow easier when you're drunk. Be it words you say or type. Although typing becomes a problem and I'm thankful for my awesome predictive text programme to correct my shitpot English when I type drunk. Anyway, as I was about to say...and as I've said many times before, what better way to get high than on life and with friends?
Well, I got selected to MICA, which is arguably the premier institute for communications management in India, and I couldn't be happier! My dream is becoming more and more real. Slowly yes, but surely it is. Two more weeks and I leave my home, my friends and childhood memories in Mumbai and shift to Ahmedabad for two years. MBA is gonna be a huge step for me, and however much I may downplay it, I'm nervous as shit. Hostel life's definitely something to look forward to. And since I'll be gone for two y…