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Awesome BTL campaigns and Brand Activations!

Okay, so with great power comes great responsibility. Uncle Ben clearly never worked in an ad agency.
Even with the chindi powers of an account planner, there comes the responsibility of coming up with the wildest strategy ideas that the brand can accomodate. This brought me to an oft-used old school marketing technique that's been making a comeback in recent times - BTL, urf Below The Line.

See, there were these two sisters A and B. They were strippers at a club. A was the sleazy but slightly less beautiful one while B was extremely hot yet of a nicer nature. Owing to their personalities, their performances were far far different from each other. A always took centrestage, twisted the pole, held the entire crowd's attention. B on the other hand, was the lap dancer, keeping herself to private performances. Since A was right on the stage, she got a lot of tips from the entire crowd, but she could never tell how much she'd get, but it pleased everyone, so it pleased her as well, the voyeur that she was. B, on the other hand, earned great amounts from her regulars, pleasing them with undivided personal attention to each of them. Although she handled lesser numbers, her engagement was much much more than A could ever manage.
And that is what ATL and BTL are all about.
ATL, Above The Line, is all glamour. It's about reaching out to the masses through public media with a message that creates or reinforces brand communications. But there's no direct consumer involvement. You can't touch ATL.
BTL, Below The Line, is a more down-to-earth, hands-on approach that is more direct and establishes a relationship of the brand with individual consumers.

So, here are five of the most amazing BTL campaigns and brand activations that have caught the attention and admiration of their target audiences worldwide:

1. Smart E-BALL

Electric cars are not really all that attractive. Their tech is quite nascent, they have very less power and accelerate oh-so-slowly! To prove all of these conceptions wrong, promoters of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive set up an activation on the streets to showcase the car's surprisingly powerful acceleration.
They created a live digital version of the classic game of Pong and mapped two Smart cars to drive back and forth to act as the paddles. 
The result? Instant crowd engagement that gave the potential buyer an opportunity to test drive the cars and get a real feel of it.
Check out this cool video case study for all the details!

2. Project Glass - Google

Google has always been the forerunner in coming up with innovative technology and dishing it out for the world to experience. Project Glass by Google let the futurist in us get a glimpse into the kind of tech they've been developing and we've been dreaming of. With a POV video that went surprisingly viral, Project Glass received immense attention and captured everyone's imagination of a future where everything we see is just that much more.
The Google Plus page for this project keeps posting updates on the progress of this device. Check out the video and marvel at the possibilities of this piece of tech!

3. 3M Scotch Brite - Wash Your Bill

How many times have you wanted to eat and eat and eat, and not pay the bill? Always right? Well, Scotch brite came up with a cool innovative campaign that I personally would love to see implemented at a restaurant near me. 
Don't want to pay your bill? Do the dishes.
Simple. Smart. Punny. And HIGHLY effective.
All it needed was a restaurant's co-operation and a few willing social media addicts to make this a fun cool way for Scotch Brite to reach out to an audience that barely even connected with it.

4. Andes - The Great Escape!

Everyone needs a rescue! Especially those of us who are stuck in a drab theatre performance, a boring anniversary dinner or just plain stuck. Andes beer decided to don the cape of rescue rangers and designed a fascinatingly elaborate campaign to rescue unwilling attenders of functions and take them to a much more conducive location of their choice - A bar with all their friends in it!
Run over a span of two months, this is one heck of a campaign that would make anyone an instant fan of their beer!
The way to do it? Just a few clicks on Facebook!

5. Heineken QR Sticker Festival

One more beer activation, just coz all beer companies are that much cooler! ;) 
QR codes haven't been around for too long, but they're catching on, and fast! It's fast, easy and free to generate. Couple that with a HUGE concert and youngsters willing to meet new people, Heineken came up with this great new way to meet someone at a Polish summer festival. They generated custom QR codes carrying whacky and cool personalized messages, printed them out on stickers to be stuck anywhere on the person's body and which others may scan, giving them a completely new way to break the ice.
What resulted during the 4 day festival, they printed a massive number of stickers and helped people "Open up their world!"

Done right, activations make great fans out of the consumers, if not loyalists. Current companies, especially technology and FMCGs are slowly realizing that fact and betting more and more on BTL activities to promote themselves.With such awesome innovations already out there and crazy minds constantly working with huge budgets just to beat the competition to it, who knows what might come our way each day that we walk down the street?

S, over and out.


Sandeep Balan said…
Loved the post!! I completely agree with your points on BTL adoption being on the brand side across sectors. Absolutely loved the 'beer companies are that much cooler' bit ;-). All set to Open up your world, next week onwards!
Tejas Chaudhari said…
Amazing post! Always liek BTL campaigns as they bring out an innovation.

Kellogg’s and Meru (a radio cab service in India) ran a BTL campaign which did not have a social media strategy at all. Following links gives you an insight into how they could have used social media effectively. Let me know your views.
Great post. Fun to read. And really nice selection of the BTL campaigns.

Bass, for the money you have given me, shouldn't praise you more than this ;)
Vandana oswal said…
BTL campaigns actually prove that it can connect people all around the world. A brand spreads smiles in miles
Raj Solanki said…
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Kabir said…

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Rajatranjan said…
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