The world imploded. A million stars shone brighter than they ever had. The melody of a thousand violins playing symphonies unknown. The smell of wet earth after the first rains, intermingling with the faint fragrance of jasmine and vanilla. The comfort of a warm piece of chocolate melting in your mouth. The simplicity of childhood puzzles and the complexity of what they seemed to be back then. Every quake, every shiver, every single imperfection, perfectly defined. There was everything and in that very instant there was nothing at all. The universe heaved up, then down. The lights grew dimmer till it was just stardust in the wind. The music paced itself out to a lull. Jasmines, vanillas, chocolates, rains. What rains? No memory remained. No record of the past or the future except the now. Perfections, imperfections alike seemed meaningless. There was none but that one moment. 

And their lips parted.