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Magic of my dreams

I dream a dream of a land of twilight,
Of magic and of wonder.
A land where fairies light the skies,
And the dwarves dwell down under.
It's the land where pixies dance and sing
Their pale skin aglow,
Laughter, music and merry giggles,
on and on they go.

Come dance to the music oh little one!
In a soft lilt they call,
I look at them, longing to join
In the most magical game of all.
Round and round the trees they dance,
Their little feet ablur.
And as the rhythm starts to pick up,
The forest seems to stir.
The leaves go swish and the branches creak,
Magic is in the air.
The wind starts blowing faster and faster,
Whistling in my ear.
And now the little magical beings are moving so fast,
They can barely be seen,
All I can see now is a circle of light
with a brilliant blue sheen.
Through this ring of magic and spells,
As gently as can be,
An orb of light appeared amongst them,
Now there were two, no! Three!
And I looked on in surprise and wonder,
The orbs began to change.
Hands, feet, …

What profession/line do I follow?

You never know when life's gonna throw something new at you, and to be honest, it should remain that way, else what's left of life except a mundane routine followed by millions of individuals for survival. But well, even to follow that mundane routine, or even an exciting one for that matter, you need to know what you're getting into in the first place. And that is where, my friends, I am stuck.At this stage, I'm standing at a fork in the journey of life, a three pronged fork, and each seems to outweigh the other. Well, at least two of them do. Let me explain...I have just finished my graduation, and am currently working as a graphic designer. But, I don't think I really want to continue in this line, coz quite frankly, it'll lead to nowhere. At a certain stage, I'll stagnate. So here I am, presenting myself with two other options, both of which have pros and cons, and both of which are trying their utter best to outweigh the other.

First, MBA! The quintesse…

Raping English!

At long last, after such a HUGE journey of writing bullshit and commenting pointlessly on random people's blogs have my extremely useless talents been recognized! MWAaahahahhaaaaaaaaaa! (well, that was supposed to be an evil laugh...hmm...)

Well, back to point, Mads from the joint blog Shit-for-tat had started a contest for the best rapist of the English language. With long running veterans and expert rapists being some of the frequent visitors to this blog, I thought I would be blown out of the competition. But what d'you know, it turned out that new blood still can make some impression after all. Struggling through, using all possible high-tech means to rape the stereotypical usage of the language that is English, yours truly emerged at the top, jointly holding the highest laurel for utter abuse of a language with The Pink Orchid.

Here's the full exerpt for your reading displeasure:

Haw haw...lots of jocks here!
I've had a good share of lang-fuckups too..mostly in scho…