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Magic of my dreams

I dream a dream of a land of twilight,
Of magic and of wonder.
A land where fairies light the skies,
And the dwarves dwell down under.
It's the land where pixies dance and sing
Their pale skin aglow,
Laughter, music and merry giggles,
on and on they go.

Come dance to the music oh little one!
In a soft lilt they call,
I look at them, longing to join
In the most magical game of all.
Round and round the trees they dance,
Their little feet ablur.
And as the rhythm starts to pick up,
The forest seems to stir.
The leaves go swish and the branches creak,
Magic is in the air.
The wind starts blowing faster and faster,
Whistling in my ear.
And now the little magical beings are moving so fast,
They can barely be seen,
All I can see now is a circle of light
with a brilliant blue sheen.
Through this ring of magic and spells,
As gently as can be,
An orb of light appeared amongst them,
Now there were two, no! Three!
And I looked on in surprise and wonder,
The orbs began to change.
Hands, feet, little pointed ears, oh my!
Now this was very strange!
Suddenly my eyes went wide
As i realized what I see,
Is but the most magical of all magics in this world,
'twas the birth of a pixie!
And when you place your ear to a tree's heart,
And your arms around it's trunk,
You too can hear the pixies chant,
All together as one.

The spirit of the forest,
she gives us shelter and food ,
And the moonlit skies, so vast and wide,
Give us strength and fortitude.
We welcome one, we welcome all,
To our ritual of enchantment and light,
to celebrate the coming of one of our own,
Behold, this auspicious night.
For once in every one hundred years
A precious child is born,
It is a joyous occassion for all of us,
Yet some look forlorn.
Because in magic we are born,
And to magic we must go.
As one old pixie goes into the light,
From that light a child must grow.


The Pink Orchid said…
wow! i read it twice! lovely!!
Shaunak said…
Thanks Dewdrop and Pink Orchid!

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