A Tag with Cherries on top!

Before I tell you guys about the final days at Sri Lanka, and to get my writing cells warmed up and running again, here's a tag by Insignia. A simple one really, so lazy me doesn't have to think too much about it :P Then again, I never do think much in the first place. So, here goes...
Oh, and along with it, there's also an award from her as well:

Thank you so much Insignia!
A good turn is one that's passed along. So I'll be giving this award to all those whom I tag 
*evil grin*

Now, what this tag is all about? I have to write 3 GOOD THINGS about me, me and ONLY ME!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Still, makes sense, since as Insignia said, there are three cakes, so three things ^_^

For the first cake....

I am a sucker for emotions. I feel for anyone who feels sad, dejected or low in any way whatsoever and tend to want to help them even if it means going out of my way.

Onto the second!

I can get along with almost everyone, meaning I'm a nice guy. Now I don't know whether that's really a good thing or not, coz quite a few times I've got stuck with those icky-sticky-nosy types that I couldn't bear to be rude to. But still, being nice is nice.

And now for the third and final helping of sweet sweet cake!

I'm not too picky about stuff. As long as it fulfils my basic requirement, I'm happy.

Well, the cakes tasted great, and I'm gonna share it with:

Pick up your award and tag guys!!

And show some love for Nikhil at Catastrophic Creativity. He's just started blogging and does it great!



Insignia said...

Thanks for taking up the tag. :-)

You are too good it seems. I also tend to end up going beyond my way to help people!!


Urvashi said...

"Being nice i s nice.." really loved tht...Hope u njoyed the cakes.... :) :)


Crazy Diamond said...

you come across as quite an easy going and a very sweet guy :)
i love the 1st one..that's a very good quality

Nidz said...

Did i see my name? Faints.. So sweet of you Rabbit. For sure wil take this after exam.. Meanwhile keep rocking. Nice to know you are not jus devilish grin. You got a good side too. Need a referance of verification. Any one? Hands up !

Umesh Agarwal said...

thanks a lot dude...I love cakes but its just not the right time for me to eat it...i have to lose weight yaar!! :p..i'l take the cherry though ;)

P.S.: last saturday's pics have come out really well :)

Mads said...

ya i agree with all the 3 things =D

plus number 4-u can eat anything and even force people to eat fattening stuff :P

congrats for the award =D

Anonymous said...


Mohan said...

Congrats dude! well that is how the life is made more colorful!

Anonymous said...