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Well, the other day I went shopping at Inorbit's Hypercity, here in Hyderabad. Strolling though the aisles, I happened upon this funky name -TZINGA! Check it out:

SO, the first thing that came to my mind?

Okay, onto the drink itself. First look was literally a steal! No, really. I picked up 2 packs and almost walked out of the supermarket without running it through the cashier. What ensued was an animated conversation in Hyderabadi mixed with Hindi and some Telugu interspersed in between with me trying to explain that I'm not a thief and the guard simply shaking his head in vehement disapproval. Few minutes later, I walked out with a now-paid-for and fully legal bag of TZINGAs to taste.
The pack itself stands out in the crowd, but the only problem is that if it weren't for the placement on the aisle (drinks and beverages) I would seriously have missed (or mistaken) it for a dishwashing liquid, like those refill packs of Vim or Pril. Having said that, the pack's awesome. I love the flexible soft-pack feel to the bottle (if I may even call it a bottle). It's truly a "Packed" drink; and according to their website TZINGA.IN it actually consumes less material than the bottled or canned drinks, automatically becoming lighter on the environment. Cool right? Right? 

The drink comes in three funky flavours - Lemon Mint, Tropical Trip and Mango Strawberry. Needless to say, my loyalties veered towards Lemon Mint. I simply LOVE those two flavours and the combo really hit the spot. The other two were a mix of flavours with Tropical Trip being more grape'y and Mango Strawberry tasting like bubblegum (which was quite a pleasant surprise for me!)

Now comes the good part. A little bit of reading into the fine print and looking up the ingredients online, these drinks contain real ginseng (formerly popular in Twinnings tea) and real guarana.

What's Guarana you ask? It's a killer natural alternative to caffeine, which gives you the same amount of kick at a much lower cost to your body. And ginseng, you must already know, has massive amounts of anti-oxidants. So each swig you take from the porta-flask-esque pack of TZINGA, you get a power-packed dosage of uber-healthy stuff that should give you a few more hours of battery life ;)

The cherry on top? Each pack costs only Rs.20/- Even I didn't believe it at first, and thought probably they're fibbing about the ingredients or the print must be wrong. But lo and behold, the price checked out and the ingredients are guaranteed natural, and the drink even tasted great!
I think it's a great addition to the line of affordable energy drinks available to us.
It also made for us some cool flavoured mixers for a round of vodka, limes, rums and whiskeys!

Have a swig next time you see it on a shelf in a store near you. It's cool, it's funky, it's extremely affordable and of course, it's TZINGA!!


palehorse said…
Haha nice! So much research for an energy drink :) now I wanna try it out!
P.s the TZINGA guys should pay you for all this advertising lol :D
Krish said…
Great writing. More than the drink i enjoyed the way u described( infact promoted ;) ) the brand

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