Poetry - Sugar Rush!!

Here's something that my friend Daniella and I did a while back on yahoo IM ^_^

maybe some coffee oughtta do the trick...??
I come forth,
gallant on my steed,
racing thru the lands,
nothing can match my speed!!!

Fear not me ladie...i shalt save thee from the horror that is sugar-rush!!

kind sir kind sir,
the drink in your cup, must you slightly stir,
forgive me for;
the ingredients i must keep a hush,
now thee can enjoy thy sugar rush!!!!

fair lady, sweet as a flower,
I thank thee for this refreshing drink,
but now I'm in a muddle, you see,
for what its contents are, I really have to think.

So pray, tell me, oh maiden,
what have you put in there,
that has made my teeth so black,
and your hair, oh so fair?

bound by a spell i am,
if i spill the contents ill be in quite of a jam,
for the potions have notions and notions are evil,
i'm afraid the truth will bring about social upheaval!!!

but fear not, for thy kindness shall never be forgot,
the drink u drank will raise thy rank,
hence, making u better than sir lancelot!!

i shall climb every mountain, sail every sea,
till i find a cure for a spell that binds thee,
for you alone have the answer to the question i seek,
no more lies shall I endure, as i have this past week.

Here I come, brace yourself, fair lady,
My shield at my side, and sword ever ready,
I shall down every foe that comes in my way,
I shall save you, I promise this very day.

ahh dear knight, ur words bring me power,
but now i shalt have to retire back to my tower,
where she keeps me locked under spell and key,
oh how i wish i had some company!

dear knight,
i shall dream well tonight,
ur words give me hope,
i shall let down the rope,
at the first call of morning bright,
for now i bid thee good night...

My lady, I shall come when dawn breaks,
To you, and you alone,
For come tomorrow, nigh, tonight,
I shall come forth, and end this fight.

When the rooster crows, and the world awakens,
And the moon bades farewell,
You shall be free, free to come home,
And I, to where I dwell.

Dream well, oh maiden,
tomorrow you come with me,
till then, have courage, my dear,
tomorrow you shall be free.


Dewdrop said...

Hey... neat poem maan... didn't know you could get such beautiful words together in such a nice way!

Alisha said...

uch poems just cant be complete without the climb every mountain, sail every sea part na??!!

total tp chhe...

Pondering Prissy said...

cool re! i love it :) this is something what I'd call 'beautiful crap'!