Where IS the Love?

Reading’s an interesting hobby. Books are the best friends you can have…or so the saying goes. This has proven true for me from time to time. But the problem with me is that I’m more of a compulsive reader…once I pick up a book, I can’t stop till I’ve finished it, often reading through the night. Well, I just got done reading this really…different..fanfic of Harry Potter (ah, not a kid’s book anymore, once you read this one hehehe..). It’s not anything bad actually. Just that it completely diverts from the main theme that Rowling was following, rather leading to in her original series, and in doing so, becomes more realistic, dealing in the complexities of human emotions and the different relationships that Harry and his friends go through in their fight against Voldemort. 

At the same time, remember the “OOH! Magic’s so cool!” effect of the first two books of Harry Potter? And how they brought home the fascinating world of wizards and witches, of goblins and giants, of dragons and phoenixes and the utterly magical journey of having the world of magic come to life in front of us? Well, this line of fanfic goes on with that. If you haven’t already, go check it out:
The Blog From Another Dimension(kewl name ain’t it?):
Well, this series deals with something called the energy of love, which now brings me to my point. Of late, there’s been a LOT of violence and unrest going around, what with political parties clawing at each other’s throats, and people running rampage for the smallest of things, even building up riots over snap decisions taken by our incapable/selfish/blah! leaders whom we've so democratically chosen to represent us, the public.

So where IS the love? Apparently not quite apparent in the big picture.

Okay, back to the energy of Love. This energy helps Harry find inner strength, overcome embarrassment, and well, loads of things.(read the book! You know you want to…) It’s a fascinating concept. It goes something like this, the energy of love is what the universe is made up of. This reality that we live in is nothing but a phase of our eternal lifetime, something that we go through for us to understand the bigger picture, the deeper meaning of things and to gain experience. When someone dies, there are two things that might happen:

One, he might become a ghost. This may be because of several reasons. For instance, he may have left something halfway, and wants that to get completed. That’s usually the main reason to become a ghost. Another may be that they want to say something to someone and haven’t had a chance to give their message during their lifetime. A rare case is that of violent spirits, which are due to mental and spiritual unrest during the individual’s lifetime. This may manifest itself into a poltergeist, not unlike our very own Peeves, but in a more violent sense in our reality.

The other thing that can happen is that the person moves on, and passes into the spiritual dimension. Now here’s where the twist comes. Apparently, there’s an intermediate realm, where some, if not all spirits go before they move on to the eternal realm. This gives them a chance to adjust to the sudden change of losing their physical body and being, or not being, depending on the way you look at it, to physical constraints and the rules of the physical realm. At this stage, the spirit can visit someone in their dreams and communicate with their subconscious mind. Has anything like this happened to anyone? Like you've recently lost someone in your family and you think of that person very hard. Then the same night you dream that you've spoken to that person? I've heard of that happening but I’d like to know if anyone else has. In theory it is possible but reality, it seems, turns out to be quite a different ball game.

Now, what makes this energy of Love so different from anything else? It’s just that – Love. Not affection, not simple friendly behavior. Love. If you've learnt to truly love someone, it’ll work for you, Harry Potter or no Harry Potter. I believe there’s magic in our world too. Just that we've brought ourselves to believe in this materialistic world so much that we've forgotten to recognize the magical parts of it. Believe and it will happen. Remember Shah Rukh Khan’s famous dialogue – “Pyaar dosti hai, ek gehri dosti.” translated “Love is friendship, a deep friendship.” It’s true actually. “But he’s my friend. I don’t take him as anything more than that!!” you might say.
(Note: I refer to my third person as “he” and not “she” as well for reasons I’ll explain as we go.)

Well, it doesn't have to be just the romantic love that you can call love. Friendship, kinship all fall under what you can call love. If you really care about someone, just go and tell them that you do. There’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, because if you really care about someone, that’s because you’re very close to that person and he/she to you. If that’s the case, there’s no problem of anything even close to misunderstanding that might happen when you tell them you love them. It really doesn't have to be that special someone only to whom you can say those sacred three words. From this point I must point out, that for whatever reason, it’s easier for females to express themselves in that way, than for men. This might be for social cliches built up over generations of masochistic societies that range from “men don’t cry” to “that’s not manly enough” or for just the basic mentality of males in general that cause slight embarrassment towards saying “I love you” to someone of the same sex. Today’s society is definitely more open to such ideas, and evolving towards what we now call an urban/cosmopolitan culture that embraces such ideas, but that’s still getting cliched into the category bordering on homosexuality, while for the basic fact, it is not. It’s not that I’m completely pro-homosexuality or against it. I’m totally neutral on that topic. But the funda(short for fundamental) underlying it, is what I’m talking about.

Again, back to the energy of Love. The simple knowledge that you have people who love you, care for you and are ready to do anything for you, no matter what the cost, is such an immense emotional support. I don’t think most of us even know who truly LOVES us. It is said, if you find a true true friend, even one, in your lifetime, consider yourself lucky beyond comparison. 
That’s true. 
For while I have so many amazing friends, who are some of the best people you can hope to meet, true friends are really hard to come by. I can say that I’m lucky to have some.

So, think about it. Whom do you care about enough to say you love them? Who loves you?

I’ll touch on this issue again sometime. Got loads more to say.

Over and out.