The Artist's View

The artist is the seeker of beautiful things,
To reveal art is the artist’s aim.
Some see beauty in the simplicity,
Others seek order in chaos.
Those who find beauty in things that matter and in things that do not,
Are those who understand the essence of this earthly existence.
Art is but the expression of a fraction of your imagination,
And in expression we find the door to our soul.
Those who understand their emotions can express themselves freely
And for those, the door opens up, maybe just enough to give them a glimpse
Of what they are truly capable of.

How about the critic?
Is he one who can translate his impression of beautiful things to suit his views?
Or is he one who seeks perfection in everything he sees,
Perception of beauty crystal clear,
Intolerant of even the slightest of blemishes
That might mar the innate perfection of what he beholds.

An author, who is he, if not a translator of thoughts into words?
And who is an artist, if not the translator of thoughts into images?
Each is human; each has his own perfection and his own weakness.
Flaws and perfection dance in tandem in one’s life
And it is upto the perception of the viewer, the audience and the seeker of beauty
To determine which impression he wants to perceive.

Dedicated to a friend, Shradha Aiyer


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woah , i never knew u think soo much.good job. keep writing

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Beautiful poem... Really liked it..

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