Bhusta-rhymes...Nonsensical Style!

Why oh why did you have to lie?
That you liked jelly, not fish fry?
I cooked and cooked all day long,
But then you went and brought along King-kong.
Now I won't have any food left to eat,
because the gorilla's vegetarian,
and you eat all the meat.

Oh look, the parrots fly by!
And lions, and tigers and bears, Oh My!
Now where have I heard that line, pray tell me,
because the crocodile's feeling hungry, hungry as can be.
I like the lipstick you've worn Mrs.Chimp,
And here come the lobsters, and the dancing shrimp!

This is turning out to be quite a mob,
with and pigs playing hockey, and the cat being a snob,
and the foxes with their bushy tails, oh they're so sly!
They sneak up on the little mice, and steal all their pie!
Oh no! The goat ate my sock!...or was it simply a rock?
Never mind, for he likes it too;
There he goes again, for round number two!

Ah, my friend, in all this mess, don't think I've forgotten you,
For who will clean the cupboard, and who will make the stew?
Now now, calm down, don't be so hasty,
Your friends ate my food, I'm simply being nasty!

Alright, let's just say goodbye to mother goose,
she's going home and her shoes are very loose.
And the rest, they're going home too,
Now that the party's over, I wanna go to the loo!


Life 24*7 said...

Loved it :))

Dewdrop said...

Brilliantly nonsensical!

Bedazzled said...

ha ha ha ha!!

workhard said...

LOL, Pigs playing hockey, i actually imagined that...Good one..


Mads said...

this was very cool.... :D seriously... :D damn cool...and damn random...loved it :D

Shaunak said...

hahaha..thanks guys. Just a little glimpse into my mind :P