Birthday post and BACK TO BLOGGING!!

(Left to right: Abhishek, Jahnvi, Yours truly, Karen, Zubair, Neeraj, Alisha)

Gosh! It's been almost a month, and what a month it's been. Pressure, studies, CAT...crazy stuff. But all that comes later. Coz today was my birthday.

People say you find your true friends in the direst and most trying of situations. Situations that test your bond. That test your trust. That's of course true. But in no way is that the only way to know who your true friends are. Because, today, I realized what friendship is all about. It's not about all that mushy stuff, being there all the while, doing things for you....that's all valid, yes, but it rarely happens in day to day life doesn't it? A friend is someone whom you care about, someone you can be yourself and more with, and they won't judge you either way, because they know you in and out.

I used to think a 21st birthday is all about spending time partying, drinking, celebrating your step into the "adult" world. Bullshit. In the end it all means nothing, because what you do doesn't really matter. What matters most is whom you do it with.

I'd imagined my 21st birthday to be a HUGEass house party, with all my friends invited, lots of booze, food, music...the works. That had been my stereotypical "dream" party. Today, I spent half the day giving the CAT examination for my MBA entrances. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought. Then I had a nice long peaceful lunch with the woman I treasure the most in my life, my mom. She's the best thing that can happen to a son. Evening found me roaming my childhood streets with the closest of my school friends. Dinner at a Kiva lounge brought good food, a nice light round of drinks and some awesome conversation all through. That's when I realized what friendship is all about. With friends you can talk shit. With friends you can do nonsense. With friends you can fuck around all you want. They don't judge you. I use these terms because I'm at a loss of appropriate words that lay such emphasis to the feelings or emotions attached to them. You've known each other for so long, you've known each other so well, it's immaterial how you are around them, coz you are yourself. So, after this freaking amazing party, that involved no dancing, no drunk episodes, but still remains a memorable night, and sitting at my computer, half-drunk, typing away what comes to my mind as my heart overflows with gratefulness for all the wonderful persons I call my friends, this is dedicated to each of them who were present today:

Abhishek Sharma:

Crazy-ass die-hard romantic emotional awesome friend of mine and first part to the Dil Chahta Hai trio :D I've known him for the longest time possible. Donno what I'd do without him. Donno what I can do with him either. Go figure :P He's the most sensitive guy I know, yet he can take the hardest of decisions. Gets the most shit from me, gives little back in return. He's one of the most awesomest guys I know, and one of my best of best friends.

Siddharth Khanna:

Another one of my super-childhood friends.(Super-childhood means long long back, when the birds and bees were singing :P ) He's damn sweet, not too crazy, but is best known for his lameass jokes. We've started rating him on his lameness and he's supposedly very very proud of him as he feels it'll be his oscar calling. Our main cash man and one we lean on for all our transport needs(since he was nice enough to drop my drunk soul halfway home :D ), my friend Sid is the perfect second part to the Dil Chahta Hai trio.

Zubair Syed Kadri:

Third part to the trio. Self proclaimed bachelor yet heartthrob of many, he makes heads turn with his boyish charm at college, and stays aloof from the girls. Yet after a good round of ice-breakers, he complains of not getting laid. Typical Twilight material. (bad analogy, yet goes with the times :D ) My third and actually oldest friend, lives right behind my house, been with me for I donno how long and makes the best disaster-managed Veg Jalfrezi I know.(check out my Facebook album on Ali Baba and a Few Misc Chors for more details hehehe)

Alisha Iyer:

Super cool south Indian babe who never bats and eyelid before coming up with a lame comment, or the sweetest one. She's one fatang friend whom I can hang out all day long yet never get bored of. Junk and ragamuffin is her style, and her thoughts never wander far away from mine. We've shared the craziest of stories and had the softest of moments. It's a crazy mixed up world after all. Ali rocks!

Karen Aranha:

Aranha means spider? Did you know? Better known as PJ Doll, this chick is mad, bad, and in every way bindass. She's the reigning queen on lame jokes(Yes, they run in the group, but she takes the crown any day), and also the Sada Gajar(read rotten carrot)(no Archie reference, sadly) One gal who is always bubbly in person, semi-dead over the phone, but never really dull.

Ashmita Pol:

Better known as Ass(Although she won't let me smack it :P) She's easily the lightest halka phulka member of the group, but she's damn sweet. Also the one who Abhishek was secretly afraid of. She has a reckless mouth when she gets pissed and can give back more than her share of shit, which is awesome! We share the dream of travelling to the beaches of India and eating more and more to make her gain weight.

Jahnvi Vichare:

Got introduced to her recently. She's Abhishek's girlfriend. We've shared an immediate connection from the first time we spent time together. Our thoughts match to a crazy level, and personalities are similar to the core. It was an attraction that was a bit weird at first, but became really nice later. Poor Abhishek doesn't seem to mind when I flirt with her, but then, I flirt with everyone, so I guess it doesn't matter :P Still, Jahnvi was an immediate attraction, but being friends is a lot more cooler than getting stuff complicated where it doesn't belong. Either way, it's the bond that matters. As I said, friends are whom you're yourself with. With her, as with everyone else, I am.

Neeraj Gawde, another really close friend of mine was missing in action for his exams. Also, Anusha Joshi since she's away at Jhansi being the non-violent version of it's Rani for a friend's wedding. They were missed a lot.
(Gosh, that sounded like an obituary LOL)

Brings us to the end of this long dedication. I love you all! I've had probably the best birthday ever! I'm too drunk/tired/happy/high to post pictures of what we did, or the wonderful gifts that they gave me, but I shall tell you this, if gifts were a way of showing someone how much you know them, they know me the best!

You guys rock!

God bless you all.


karen said...

THAT WAS WOW!! I for one was thinking the same thing of how we passed out and still maintain this awesome connection and have a blast each time we meet. stereotypical ideas of how as 21st b day should be are all out of the window.
21ST Bdays with other friends is cool but it gets cooler when you spend them with people you know for the past 21 yrs(read: since when you were in chuddis)

I m secretly hoping my 21ST will be a big blast too, all of us together, cant wait!!

Dewdrop said...

Happy B'day once again bro... u seriously rock and so does ur gang! ... and oh yeah, heart-warming post!

Shaunak said...

@ Karen

Stereotypes are a thing of the past. Things that hold true to your heart are what's in today. No doubt about that.
Yours will be as rocking for sure man!

Shaunak said...

@ Dewdrop

Thank sis! You rock more!

IcE MaiDeN said...

Yayyyy ur back!!!! :P

Now ill go actually read the post! :P

~ Annie.

IcE MaiDeN said...

First things first, Belated happy bday... *drumroll* :D wheres the party?! :P

DID I HEAR YOU SAY TWILIGHT MATERIAL??? where who when I demand you tell me RIGHT NOW!!!! :P

School friends are always awesome! :) I love mine to bits.. and hanging out with them is probably what Ill do this sat (my bday. make a note :P Im accepting Macbooks :P) :D You friends sound like a fun gang! :)

Great that you had a nice 21st.!!

How was the CAT? Heard it got all messed up becz of the system errors blah blah.. hope u rocked it! :)


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Many many happy returns of the day shaunak :)

forgot to wish you after divsi told me yesterday :)

hope u had a good time :)

Insignia said...

Welcome back!!

Very Appy Appy Burday to you :-)

Abhinav said...

Wow! You really had a party!!
enjoying with people you love is the most awesome thing ever..

I have a friend Abhishek Sharma as well (I don't know how many Abhisheks with Sharma surname exist in the world) and I can also say the exact same words for him..

Keep smiling!

Shaunak said...

@ Ice Maiden

Party's whenever u want it. I'm always up for good food an drinks and music et al.

Twilight material...hmmm...I shall leave it to your imagination.

I'm accepting Macs too...waiting for one actually :P

CAT was decent, but now some of the ones who cudn't give the exam are apparently creating some problem...lets see...

Shaunak said...

@ Mahesh

Thanks buddy! Had an awesome time!

Shaunak said...

@ Insignia

Thank you!! :)

Shaunak said...

@ Abhinav

First Shruti, then Abhishek? I think you and I were in the same school and didn't know it.

Umesh Agarwal said...

so you did party hard! :p...n i agree with u...time spent with ur close friends means much more than dancing crazy n drinking till u drop!..welcome back to blogging dude :)

divsi said...

welcomeeeee back!!!!!:)))
i saw on fb the awesum time u had:p
i wondered how u kno jhanvee coz shes my jr at skool:)now i kno...!

Dhanya said...

I think I have seen this Abhishek somewhere ;) Lol :D

Shaunak said...

@ Umesh

Thank you :) Good to be back!

Shaunak said...

@ Divsi

UR jr at school? Oh yeah...loretto n all :P

Shaunak said...

@ Dhanya

Lol! You, Abhinav and God knows how many others :P

Anonymous said...

Is it my first time here? Ah, who cares! This space is already hip-hopping more than the musical beats. Well, belated happy birthday and that was some picturesque post =)

Shaunak said...

Hey Anamika!

Thanks for the wishes! :)
Good that you don't feel it's your first time. Relax, enjoy, have some coffee..or whatever gets you high :D

Hope to hear more from you.

Cheers! :)

Manoj Kelath said...

Very belated Happy B'day dear..!!
Actually i am missing you....
And u said it....all true facts abt friendship..
I wish i were here spending a little more time with you and our friends.
Though very few days,those were memorable....
You are a big part in my Mumbai memories...
Shawn i'll be leaving Mumbai on Dec 14th...but pls ensure that u keep in touch with me...
I'll pray for ur success...
signing off,
Manoj Kelath

Manoj Kelath said...

And i forgot one thing....
u had given me a name..remember...
Sweetest Bastard....
My remarks on it:"i like it"

Shaunak said...

Manoj bastard! We never met after the last day of class! What the hell man! We're meeting up this week.


Hey Shaun ...a very heartfelt dedication for your friends ....its the best gift a friend could get ....great going buddy ....

grace said...

Belated happy birthday Shaunak.
Quite amazingly, I had a similar emotional experience on my birthday this year. While I had the pleasure of being with my family on my birthday after a long long time, I missed my dear friend, who was rotting in Cal and wondered how it would have been to grow up without knowing how beautiful it is to be a friend and being loved as a friend.

Shas said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Good stuff. Keep it up!
Wish ya belated Happy B'day!!

Shaunak said...

@Soulful Indulgence
Thank you. And update your blog soon :)

Thank you for the wishes :)
Friends are the best things that happen to us.

Thanks buddy! Hope to see more of you around.

Mads said...

Nice post...great to have such friends, hai naa?
btw love ur template...right side pe those thingys are so cute :D

Shaunak said...

Thank yoo mads! It's awesome to have such friends.

Template customized che. Right side pe my thoughts and friends ke photos :D

Alisha said...

soooper late comment i know:P

but i totally louu this post!!


louu u:D

n pliss do me a template too na:D