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Yaadein hi Yaadein

Remember that feeling of wonder when you looked at an airplane fly over your head?
Remember spreading your arms and running across the open field of green, trying to chase it?
(I feel the wind in my hair...)

Remember the look of excitement on your face when mum handed you an ice candy?
Remember giving her a tight kiss after the candy and giggling over the orange mark you left behind on her cheek?
(I still feel the tight squeeze of her hug)

Remember walking hand in hand to school with your friends?
Remember holding their hand while being scolded together by the teacher for not doing homework?
(I still thank him for doing mine coz I fell ill)

Remember singing in tune to the National anthem?
Remember singing out of tune to the school hymns?
(...and to the morning prayers and every poem they taught)

Remember sharing tiffin at recess?
Remember showing off your tiffin box full of maggi?
(then crying over it when it fell down)

Remember the towel around your neck and superman in your heart?
Remember being…

The Need for Speed!

The music’s up full volume and you have your favourite rock band screaming their heads off. You’re heart’s thumping to the beat and there’s a small bead of sweat trickling down your forehead even though the air conditioner is on. You step lightly on the gas pedal and hear your beast rev lightly. Your left hand is placed lightly on the gear shift and right hand grips the steering wheel. You look at the timer on the signal as it slowly counts down to zero.


You step on the gas with all you have as your car roars to life and speeds down the now empty road. You look to your sides and see the other drivers coming up to speed and you step on the accelerator harder, pushing your car to go even faster. Your heartbeat races as you see the speedometer rise rapidly up the scale.

80…90…100…faster! Faster! they’re gaining… 100…110..

You glance at your rear view mirror and see a white Mercedes speed effortlessly towards you, doing maybe a 150 or a 180 kmph, you don’…

First Rains!

Slowly I opened my eyes. I could faintly hear songbirds singing in faraway trees, welcoming the glorious sun with their melody. I wiped the little beads of perspiration from my brow which came from an especially humid night. I sat up in my bed and took in a deep breath. Wait...what was that smell? Was it... No, it can't be...Not so soon! It was the smell of wet earth! How could I not recognize it? It meant it had rained last night!.. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window.

All around me, I could see the fresh sparkle of dew glistening in the morning light, the leaves newly washed and blossoming in their resplendent glory. As I took in the beautiful scenery that spread out in front of me, I heard excited chirps. First, softly; Then it grew louder and louder till I could hear nothing else. I couldn't believe my ears! Sparrows, hundreds of them, filling up the trees and chirping their hearts out. It was quite the sight for me. I had thought that sparrows were dying out in Mumb…


Is it me or are the trains getting more and more crowded by the day? For the past one month I've taken to travelling by train to and from work, mainly because the time taken to go from Chembur to Churchgate by road is approximately the same amount of time I take to drive down to Pune. Why you ask? Simple, our dear authorities at the Municipal Corporation have happily decided to commence "infrastructural developments" right before the rain Gods start their own infra-dev. Anyway, back to point, the trains...Have you ever seen a tin full of sardines?
How many people are there in Mumbai anyway? Judging by the way trains are packed, half of the city must be empty by noon since everyone's gone to work. And the stench, Oh So Lovely! For once in your lifetime try sniffing the armpits of fifty different persons at one go. God only knows how dogs survive, sniffing each others' butts just to say hello(and they don't even wash after a potty break!) Remember the tin of sa…

Save The Wild

Sometime back, three friends, Vipul, Aditya and of course myself came together and decided to start something of an NGO that deals with helping out the animals and natural endowments of our beautiful city of Mumbai and beyond. Since we all shared a common love for nature and animals it was a no brainer that we definitely wanted to do something about it. Reactive critics and inactive onlookers are the very reason why most of us Mumbaikars have never even been to the Borivali National Park and the Byculla zoo is turning into a mid-city Marine drive with more and more couples being seen making out behind a tree. Come on people! Look around! There are so many wonderful animals that you can learn of...or is there? Most of these animals are undernourished and are but a shadow of their awesome wild counterparts. The lion's literally a pussy and the hyena's forgotten to laugh. Quite a lot of them are caged in smaller areas than is required for them to comfortably move about. Some visi…