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Dedication to all you guys!


Been a long time!

I guess I forgot how much I love this blog of mine. Well, not quite. I can never forget this place.
But I procrastinate :| Probably coz I've been so darn busy, what with MBA entrances and guitar lessons and a hundred other things on my To-do list that I've put off for AGES and piled up on top of each other. Those of you on my facebook list, I've managed to keep in touch... but all you bloggers here are the ones that I missed so much! And more than blogging, I've missed reading all my favourite blogs! Right from Abhinav's Slogs of witty sarcasms to Madhuri's weird and wonderful che-isms(and lately her dad's too :D ), Nidhi's filmi romantic posts that are too sweet(and sometimes confused :D ) to Peter's peterosophies and some really good vibes, Mysterg's current round the world trip and his adventures, Cheryl's hilarious and smartass stories of her life(and she got me saying the word Awesome too did Barney Stinson, but that's different), Insignia and her latest rib-tickling misadventures with grammar and what not, Esther's super-cute posts filled with love from her big heart, Ana's obsession with Raccoons and animal nicknames, Annie's musings, Prince's silent contemplations (that speak louder than any spoken word), Sapna's world thru her unfettered eyes, Kajal who got me inspired enough to write poetry and who has given a glimpse into the real soul of a woman, Sally with her superb narratives without any(I mean ANY) adult supervision ;) , Chriz's crazy stories that leave me laughing my ass off(though I rarely comment :P ), Divsi's simple stories of the simple people she meets(and leaves with a smile), Dewdrop simply coz she sparkles in the sunlight(in the beautiful way, not like sucky Edward Cullen :P )....

Oh there are SO many of you, I can keep going on and on. For those whom I've mentioned here, you're truly wonderful , awesome, kickassly fantabulous! And you know it. For those of you whom I haven't mentioned here, that's simply because I have probably not read you enough to write an opinion here. Rest assured, I'll dedicate many more posts to all you guys :)

I wanted this to be my 100th post, thanking everyone, but today, it felt right. I started blogging from a coffee shop, my very first post. And right now, I'm sitting in a coffee shop as well, alone, lost in my thoughts, relaxed, sipping an Iced Mocha. It simply feels right that I dedicate this moment of black and white flashback on a 14" television to all you wonderful readers and writers who inspired me, made me laugh, cry, think, forget to think.

From me and my Mocha,
Thanks =)



Ana said…
Awww! Thanks for mentioning my raccoons :P :P

Loved this post! Glad you're back. Congrats once again :P And keep writing, poluuuuuu!
IcE MaiDeN said…
Awwwww.... :):)

Thank you sooooo much for mentioning my musings in your lovely post! Really it said so much without the traditional drumroll you know :) :)

And heyyyyy! Iced Mocha! *whack* When are you planning on inviting a partner *points to herself* to share that?! Im still waiting for my free TGIF treat! :P kuch yaad aaya ki nai??!!! :D

Keep writing.. Though I may not comment often, yours is one blog I really like to come swing by... :)

Insignia said…
Oops!! That was really sweet of you to mention me Shaunak. Made my day!! My lethargic Saturday is going to brim with happiness. Means a lot and encouraging.

You wrote a post to just mention about bloggers is a sweet gesture.

I wish that we go on writing, reading and inspiring each other for a long time.

All the best :-)
Mads said…
I'm not weird...*bashes u*
arre u should have boasted about ur CAT score :| mad boy che...
:-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w moving over to Shaunak's 1st post che.

waise which shop were u shitting in and posting? apna barista kya?
Abhinav said…
Keep blogging on and on and on...!!
Thanks for keeping me in your blogroll! :)
Nidz said…
I am glad u mentioned me. I know its good to appreciate and make other feel that u miss their absence.
I love reading ur blog.
I knw coffee shop can be good place to think and post u r drifted in ur old world then and u have all time for yourself. tht's whn u visit coffee shop alone. ;)
take care Rabbit.
divsi said…
oyeeeeeee! Whoa this is sooo chweet of u shaunie:D :) *made my heart flutter*hehe thankie thankie for featurin me!its a pleasure readin ya space get bac relle relle sooon n yea i agree wid mads *shudve boasted bout ya soooper cat score* :)) happy 100th post! Go on n on n on my boi!:p
Shaunak said…
At risk of sounding really really wrong, your raccoons are awesome! :D

@Ice Maiden
It's an open invitation. Lets meet up someday anyway na.

Thank you so much. And you truly deserve that Courteous Blogger award you got. You're a pleasure to read and respond to.

Male bashing is the new trend then? :O
I'm a modest boy, so I don't boast about my achievements. They speak for themselves :P

You're there whenever you post :D
Post more often bro!

How could I not mention you?
Coffee shops early in the morning is so relaxing. I used to do it often when I wanted some alone time.
Take care Squirrel.

*thinks of more ways to make her heart flutter*
It isn't my 100th post! I just wanted it to this one. I've a long way to my 100th :)
Yemiledu said…
Will be waiting for your 100th post to be posted sooooon :)
Dewdrop said…
Hey bro... thanks for the mention... ur my most admired writer and someday u'll be a famous one, for sure... keep the inspiration going... luv ya
Mohan said…
Good to know so many more bloggers!

All I can say after following your blog since a fortnight is that you have a great creative style of writing. Keep it going and 100th post wouldn't be too far ;)

All the Best!
Cheryl said…
adreamygal said…
dats really a nice way !!! i liked the way you creatively appreciation for all your blogger friends !
Vencora said…
i ventured over here from Olive Me. what an interesting entry to happen upon. gotta love nostalgic sorts of appreciation moments at coffee shops. ^_^
Shaunak said…
Very soon I hope :)

You're my inspiration. Luv ya too! :)

Check them all out. They're all my inspiration, as are you. I love writing coz I love reading all your blogs. Thanks for the compliment!


Thank you so much and welcome to my blog! Do stick around for more :D

Welcome to my blog!
Coffee shops send me into flashbacks all the time. I have more fond memories from coffee shops than anywhere else.

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