Hang up already!!

I have that friend whom you never wanted to talk to and yet called him your friend. The one that would incessantly call you, ten times a day, daily, every day of the week and each time starts of with "Dude, what're you doing man?" YOU JUST CALLED AN HOUR BACK! I'M DOING THE SAME THING I WAS BACK THEN. SLEEPING! IT'S 12A.M. FOR FUCK'S SAKE! GET A LIFE!
The other day he called and went on and on and on and more on about the "freakin' ass sexy movie that will kill you coz it's so funny and you really have to watch it!" and then went on to repeat the dialogues from the movie and all the while me being the polite idiot don't say much and don't hang up either but all the while I'm screaming in my head YOU'RE TOTALLY WASTING THE MOVIE FOR ME AND I'M BETTER OFF NOT LISTENING HALF-ASSED ATTEMPTS AT RECITING A PUN AND I DON'T WANNA DIE EITHER!. Still, there's some hope for him in that he knows he does that. Yet he does it. Nope. No hope at all. Maybe I should hire a ninja to kill him. Yeah, just watched Ninja Assassin. On second thought, ninjas are too cool to kill him. I'll find a troll or something and let it loose outside his house :|

My school reunion is coming up this saturday! It's been more than five or six years since I've met all my old school buddies. It's gonna be awesome! Food, drinks, music, dance. And "Neha" will be there too :D Let's see if that dance works out for us even today xD Oh man! I can't even begin to think of the times I've had in those ten amazing years I spent in that white and blue building full of kids.
Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!!!!
I'm gonna be all smiles all week long!!

Oh and Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time is releasing this weekend too! I gotta feeling this weekend is gonna turn out alright!

Oh and speaking of I gotta feeling, if you haven't already, you HAVE to check out this video.

Cheerios y'all!!


Anonymous said...

Poor you !! next tym wen ur fnd annoys you , pretend to be asleep while his chatter is going on ;) n wish you have a loadsa fun with ur schl fnds ..Old nostalgic times defintely are spl and reliving them is al d more spl !!

Insignia said...

:-D That was hilarious...Err...sorry I know what it feels. But such moments are to be treasured.

And yeah!! school reunion. Enjoy!! Meeting Neha? Hope you would shake a leg with her :D

Urvashi said...

Wow...school reunion.... it sounds really fun..Enjoy yaar..!!!hv a gr8 weekend... :)

m off to chk the video u reffered to.. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I was too busy checking out the icons and your new header look.

I love the cartoon caveman jumping up high <3 Hehe xD

Coming to the post: I've had worst ones. You've no idea how to hang up on a girl who gossips a LOT.

Mads said...

Bichare !! *pats ur shoulder* arre even i hv such a friend but i ignore her very obviously :P

and hv loads of fun at the reunion :D
tc :)

Umesh Agarwal said...

super cool template...did u design it urself??

P.S.:sorry to spoil ur mood...bt d reunion plan is proving to be a damp squib :(

Shaunak said...

pretend sleeping...been there done that :D

Haha..hope so too!

Video was awesome! HUGE crowd too!

Captain Caveman! Classic cartoon network character!
Coming to the post - Oh trust me I do!

Very obviously that's why you're doing law and I'm not :D

Yeap. Blogger's Lefty Stretch Minima template modded to my desires :P
Reunion plan doesn't really matter as long as people meet up...it doesn' matter how many come actually...at least not to me.

Esther said...

wow you meeting neha? :P all the best shaunak =)
school reunions are always fun! my god! I miss school days so much! <3