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Thinking outside the Puri!

Before I get to my blogpost, how many of you like Paani Puri?

Everyone, right? Right?


So how'd you like to wear Paani Puri? That's right! There's a spanking new clothing line of custom designed tees called Paani Puri! Beat that! When I first heard of this, I thought it would be like any other t-shirt brand like Tantra or Urban Yoga. How wrong I was! It's not just that. Rather it's not even that! Paani Puri solely aims at bringing true art into T-shirts. They're T-shirts with a concept, a single goal of making sure that each t-shirt you wear is unique, striking, yet connected, and it features our favourite chaat of all times!
Nahi samjhe? Each T-shirt has a Paani puri somewhere in it!
Superb designs and a great concept.
If  you haven't already, check out their teaser video to get an idea of how creative and whacky(read: stark raving mad hehe) these guys truly are.

Okay, promotiongiri ho gaya, now on to my main point :P

They launched on Tuesday, April 22nd, which was yesterday.. The SOBO Store, Chowpatty saw an entire wall laid out with Paani Puri T-shirts in a splendid display of pop art and colour. With memorable symbolisms of Batman's Joker and Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon incorporated into their designs, the tees really stood out in the crowd. Even their packaging is unique with a custom comic-strip feel telling the real story of how Paani Puri came to be. And yaar, itni jaldi hai toh go check out their website right now and read the story there. To top it all(and ladies, this one's for you!),  Imran Khan, who's a good friend of Rish came with fiancée Avantika and had some chuckle time and chilled out interviews with NDTV. I got intro'd, clicked some pics of him :D although I'd liked to have one clicked with him for all my lady friends :P He's a really nice guy :)

The day went by quickly. SOBO had a few other designers strutting their stuff in the store as well and it turned out to be quite an event with Paani Puri getting more than it's share of admiration with the designers themselves showering some appreciative critique on the designs and showing interest in them. A successful launch to say the least!
I don't think words do justice to art, and neither does procrastination and writing some long and boring descriptions. So, here are the photos!!!



While these may be the formal parts of the day, don't think we didn't have some fun as well! Behind the scenes, there was quite a bit of madness going on :P

For the full set of photos including some of the candid moments with the guests, check out the Facebook page of Paani Puri. 

Enjoy! And remember, 
Think outside the puri!


Georgina said…
Those T-shirts are totally awesome! I love the animated short that goes with the brand too. Now all I want to do is skip work and doodle my head off (that sounded weird didn't it?). I'm off to join the FB page! - G
Harini said…
The T's really look cool and awesome :P.
Vaibhav said…
Really cool...... waiting for its release in Jaipur.... :)
Ana said…
Yes, I want T-shirts and also Imran Khan <3 :P xD
Insignia said…
Wacky idea!! And pani puri to wear!! Now who wont :-)
Life 24*7 said…
Awesomeness !! The concept, the launch, the people, the photos & the post :-D
Mads said…
They look so cool !!!
and Imran!! oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD :D :D :D
lucky shaunak !!

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