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Friends, Drinks and Rains

It seems that nowadays, the only times I blog or write is when I'm high. Which is why I blog less these days :P But seriously, words flow easier when you're drunk. Be it words you say or type. Although typing becomes a problem and I'm thankful for my awesome predictive text programme to correct my shitpot English when I type drunk. Anyway, as I was about to say...and as I've said many times before, what better way to get high than on life and with friends?
Well, I got selected to MICA, which is arguably the premier institute for communications management in India, and I couldn't be happier! My dream is becoming more and more real. Slowly yes, but surely it is. Two more weeks and I leave my home, my friends and childhood memories in Mumbai and shift to Ahmedabad for two years. MBA is gonna be a huge step for me, and however much I may downplay it, I'm nervous as shit. Hostel life's definitely something to look forward to. And since I'll be gone for two years and then get placed God knows where, this will probably be the last time I'll meet some of my friends here in Mumbai. I met a bunch of them today, and they gave me two awesome ties to wear at MICA, so a BIG thanks to all of you.
You guys rock!

Lately, I've been spending major time at bookstores, reading this wonderful graphic novel series called Buddha by Osamu Tezuka. Him being the godfather of Manga n all, it really lives up to his reputation and expectations. I'm on the fourth novel and can't seem to wait to read more. Sadly owing to my broke state of finances, I really can't afford to buy these books, so I read them on the couches of the nearest Crossword bookstore. I do plan to buy them though in the near future. I used to think Buddha's life was all about preaching the values of Buddhism to his followers(boring as I saw it to be) but NO, I was so wrong! His life was as exciting as it could be! You guys should really pick this one up!

Also, THE FIRST RAINS ARE HERE! We got a nice drizzle going here in Mumbai, and the Earth smells heavenly! I can just sit at my window for hours listening to the rain and the sounds of nature. Luckily(and unluckily in some ways, though I won't elaborate on those) my home is in a very green part of town, so much so that we have all kinds of insects, animals and lizards all over this colony. So much so that it's almost like a mini jungle out here. I'd found a seven foot rock python under my car last monsoon. I found an amazing variety of insects taking shelter from the rains under the stairwell leading to my usually insects creep me out, but these? They were beautiful! Vivid Violets, brilliant blues, emerald greens, magnificent magentas even! I couldn't believe the myriad of colours that were crawling about on the ground! I wish I had my camera with me so you guys could check them out. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I'm quite buzzed now, and need some shut eye. So with the crickets singing me my lullaby and the rains pattering on my window, I bid you adieu and hope I write more often so that I get to talk to you guys sooner!

Cheers and happy monsoons!

P.S. Some great golden oldies playing on the radio. I'm loving this day more and more!


wow :) rain's amazing..

congratulations !!! you'll have fun there!
Neha Purohit said…
Congratulations for MICA! It's a whole new world waiting for you out there :)
I did see the Buddha series stacked up at Crossword today but didn't know it was a graphic novel. Shall check it out next time. And you shall check out the 'instrumental' CD that's there :-D
Happy Monsoons! Good Luck!
Insignia said…
Congrats and all the very best. The picture is good.
Alisha said…
Aah!nuu nuu tie n all?nice nice:D

fatte rains here was fatte weather a few days before it started too!n i got completely drenched yesterday!!fatte fun it was:D
Harini said…
Congrats for the MICA selection. And Good luck :).
congrats for MICA...and love that picture of the leaf!!:)
Urvashi said…
Congrats for getting selected at MICA...!!! :)

The rains are really a relief from the summer heat..M loving it too... :) :)

Enjoy..TC :)
kish said…
Dude all ze best for your MBA.
seems like we're at a crossroads. Both of us are starting a new chapter in life. It is sad, ain't it?
Pesto Sauce said…
MICA is a good place, you should do well there
Shaunak said…
@Crazy Diamond, Neha, Insignia, Alisha, Harini, Richa, Urvashi, Kish and Pesto

Thank you so much! MICA will be a great new venture in my life. Hope I make the most of it :)
sharmila said…
Best of luck for ur MBA in Ahmedabad ... that's not far from Mumbai is it? Enjoy the rain ... Delhi still wait for its share !!
Shaunak said…
Thank you so much! :)
Delhi will get it's share soon I hope.

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