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Classroom Shayaris!

Been a long time! MICA's a blast and there's a lot to do. But in the midst of it all, classroom capers are commonplace. So, presenting a few of what I like to call Classroom Shayaris, courtesy yours truly being bored to death from four hours of sleep and a droning professor:

Tere pyaar ne kar diya pagal,
Tere pyaar ne kar diya pagal,
Shareholder's equity is called share capital!
Wah wah wah!

Dum maaro dum, mit jaaye gum,
Dum maaro dum, mit jaaye gum,
A share's issue price can be at a premium!

(I think this deserves an applause :P )


Dikhne mein toh tu lagti hai badi sweet,
Dikhne mein toh tu lagti hai badi sweet,
Liabilities and assets come in Balance Sheet!

(sadly jis ladki ko yeh shayari maari, she ran away disgusted. I haven't been able to figure out why :| )


Kabhi khushi kabhi gum,
Tara pum pum pum,
Chai mein cheeni kum,
Piyo whiskey, piyo rum!
Waaah! waaah!

(this one actually received temporary appreciation)


Tum mile, dil khile,
tum mile, dil khile,
I'm dying for some steak,
And loads of fish fillet!

(No breakfast, what to do :(


Main shayar toh nahi,
Magar aye hasin,
Tu likh rahi hai secret mein,
maine share kiya toh sahi!

(after she told me she's blogging at her desk too :D )


And of course....

Aye Shibani!
Pee le thodi paani,
Yeh lecture chalta raha toh
Khatam meri kahaani!

(We both agreed to that!)


I'll be back with more after a few more lectures! Till then you guys can plan on ways to kill me.
Until next time!


Anu said…
suppppeerrrrbbb!!!! :D
Neha Purohit said…
Brilliant! So now you know what a heady mixture does studies and boredom make! :-D
Keep it up :-)
Insignia said…
Hahahaha. Funny ones. You seem to be applying what you are learning!

thats a good sign
蔡苡玄 said…
adreamygal said…
Wowie .. now thats called fun way of studying :P I loved the 1st one ...quite hillaious and an unique shayari ! ;) Waiting in for more shayaris :D
Vencora said…
awesome. i'm sure we're all looking forward to more. ^_^
Mads said…
hahahaha..cute ones :) :)
Life 24*7 said…
Good ones ! Liked all of them ! :-D
Kate Barin said…

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