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Digging into my blog drafts - 1. Of MICA and Of Love being only in the Air...

So, I've been cleaning out my blog for sometime now. Spring cleaning you can say. And here's something I found that made me look back, think about how my thoughts, the way I see things and who I am, has changed over time. 
Interesting, to dig into your mind's musings from years gone by.

Of MICA and Of Love being only in the Air

Valentine's day is three days away.

It's been so long since I've actually felt more alive, so immersed in the world I'm in, so do I put it...well integrated into the scheme of things. There's so much going on in my life that I've thought of as perfect. Yet I've never felt quite so lonesome.

MICA is an immense sensory and emotional roller coaster ride. One that takes you through a journey that's a life in itself. Two whole years have passed and I've gained what I can only say is priceless. Living in a hostel for nigh two years has forged bonds with my fellow batchmates that I can confidently say will be able to stand the test of time. Open your doors and you can shout out to your neighbour for some food and get two abuses and a pack of chips in return. Three hundred individuals of similar mentality in a twenty and two acre campus makes for some great times together! Parties till the break of dawn and beyond, midnight snacks at Chhota, drowsy classroom projects, weird story nights, poker, badminton till 4 am...yeah! This is the place to be.

Yet in all of this, I do not know why, but I feel lonesome. I barely talk about this to anyone though. It's been what...three years or so since I've been single. And I now miss that companionship...
Culcomm (Cultural Committee at MICA) has decided to set up a Prom night to get all those couples-to-be together. Taking a friend to prom just isn't what I see it to be. Remember Neha's story? (read it here if you haven't) Prom's like's kinda special. More so since my school didn't have a prom in the first place.And I've not really found that special someone with whom I share the same wavelength so to speak. Many have, and it's just amazing to see all of them so happy. Even one of my closest friends here, one who believed her heart's closed to relationships for the time being, found happiness with a batchmate of ours. It's just is it that I cannot find that one person to share my life with? Is it really that difficult? Or is it all just some acts of destiny/fate that's gonna "magically" bring us together? I don't know. And now I do care.

It's great knowing that there's that one special person you want to take care of. That one person who not only knows you best but wants to keep knowing more about you. She's your best friend, the yin to your yang, the addition to your subtraction, she's the cadbury that lifts your spirits when you want something sweet, the sunlight that drenches you in its warmth. Quite simply she gets you.

And I miss that.



Abhinav said…
I expected some comments here. But, its okay, probably this post is for your own self.

Seems like you enjoyed the time and lived like you wanted!

All the best for future and as far as being lonely is concerned, it is just a phase. Open the door again and you will get your abuses and love and chips.
And now I see this comment! :D
Thanks Abhinav!
Anu said…
It is amazing how MICA makes one feel lonely among so many people!! Needlessly to say... very well-written! ;) I can't believe I read this today and not then. CULCOMM sure brought back lots and lots of memories and thanks for posting this on FB today.. it always helps to relive those amazing two years!! A black & white flashback in my head!!
Here's hoping you find someone soon in life! :-* and if you already have since this blog... Good luck and hold on for an adventurous ride!! :)
Thanks Anu!
You're well on your way to the ride of your life. Here's hoping I find someone just like that :D

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