Since you've been gone

Well, this is a special one. Hope you like it H!

Since You've Been Gone

Every now and then
I drift back to those days gone by
When the world seemed to revolve
Around the two of us.

It seems so long, a lifetime away
When you and I were together.
When you would be the one I see
As the first ray of sun poured into the room
Calm and fast asleep.
When you would be the one I see
As the moonlight poured into the room
Your face lit by the milky hues.

Every now and then
I wander down those lanes
of my memories that remain
About the two of us.

I miss the long conversations we had
Being honest, open and free
Sharing things we'd never tell others
And all that we told them too
I miss the times spent being silent
Finding comfort in no words at all
Sharing the songs that make us laugh
The movies that brought us to tears
Finding quirk in the silliest of things
And intellect in nothing at all.

Every now and then
I look back and think
of all the things we said we'd do
Just the two of us.

I miss how you laughed,
that little frown on your nose
I miss your tantrums
yes, I miss those too.
I miss your smile, I miss your face,
I miss the way your perfume smells
It's an ache, a gap, a little big void
A hole that hasn't been filled as yet
I think of ways to hide it all,
I think I'm good at it now

But every now and then
My memories take me back
And I'm back again with you
Sometimes I wish time would turn back again
To when it was just us two.

- S -