Memories of you...

One rainy afternoon, sitting at the window and looking out at the cloudy heavens, I felt like writing a poem. Never knew I could write poetry back then, but still, a feeling's a feeling y'know...and when I started, it began to flow....I never really had to think up words for this poem, they just came...feels nice whenever I read it.

If the text isn't visible, here it is:

As I look into the future,
my thoughts my only guide,
the memories of you, my love,
in my heart they reside.

The days, they seem so lonely,
the nights seem so long,
I miss you all the while, I do,
for you I sing this song.

I wish I could hold you in my arms,
though I know it is too late.
But I promise we shall unite again,
at Heaven's Golden gate.


divsi said...

shaun:OOO a poem!!!whoaaa!!!!:)

Dewdrop said...

Its a direct-dil-se poem! :)

Pondering Prissy said...

wow!! good one! :) keep writing poems.

D writer said...

nice blog, nice the drizzling digital rain...interesting profile...keep writing poems ..:)

Padmini....The Dreamer!! said...

shaun nice one... lost the this one and was hopin a few days back that i wud get this pic back...!!!

Shahla Ahsan said...

Shaun!?!? ur a poet too?? wow! I never knew! really awesome poetry buddy!