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Of Cloudscapes and Skylines...

I've been doing some random clicking here and there with my camera phone, and by far, the best pics have always been of landscapes, cloudscapes and skylines. Here are a few that I truly love. Enjoy!

Sagar Vihar - Vashi

Parking Lot of NMSA - Vashi. Looks like Africa doesn't it?


Dewdrop said…
Excellent photography... you really have an eye for beauty in all its forms...(knowing the kind of photoshop work u do as well)... awesome...
divsi said…
loveeelly...i m always fascinated by clouds:)
Awesome pics! I remember you had taken some beautiful pics in my cell too on the diwali night in our colony. (with my cell phone hanging a lot.. and taking ages to re-adjust itself, you taking a perfect shot of the fireworks is really something!)
Good talent! Keep it up!
Sapna Sapien said…
loved the 1st pic of this post....

Hey how'd u make the snowfall.....tell me tell me...
divsi said…
i wud want to kno dat toooooo!!!
Shaunak said…
it's a little javascript code you find online. There are loads of these. You can make lightning, rain, snow...the works. Google it up...something like "blogger html/javascript codes"

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