Freedom - An awesome Judgement by Judge Young

Read this one up in Shobhaa De's post and it strikes a real deep note.
Do check it out:

Notes to a terrorist...

Few days post our Independence Day celebrations, things have again started to go back to "normal". People going about their mundane humdrum lives - office, work, parties, movies...the works.

India's judiciary takes ten years to settle some cases, and even longer for more complicated cases. How is the US judiciary able to settle cases so fast? Are the cases in India so complicated that they require tens of thousands of days to settle out? No.
I really cannot comprehend what those causes may be, and even if someone listed them out to me, I'm sure they won't make much logical sense.
Kasab has had one hundred witnesses testifying against him. Video footage shows him guilty. How then is the man being kept locked up, with no verdict visible in the near future?
Weird? Barely.
Things seem bleak in my eyes when it comes to justice, at least legally. I've come to believe that it's easier to personally settle matters than to take it to the court, because frankly, does anyone have the time to run to and from the court for months at end(at the very least)?
All the talk of being law abiding and doing my own thing to help the country move ahead, at times it seems like I talk to myself. The Reliance Natural Gas fiasco that's been ensuing seems to be headed towards a legal war that'll go on for five years at least. Common sense doesn't prevail when it comes to law because in law, Truth has Various Facets. That's why, every lawyer, even the defending one, speaks the truth, as he has vowed to. It's the manipulation of facts that they're good at. Finding loopholes. Some cases seem like strokes of genius to my inferior brain.

Anyway, this wasn't a rant. Just some stuff that ran through my head when I read Shobhaa De's post. Again, do go check it out if you haven't already.


Insignia said...

How is the US able to solve complicated cases? Because they have jury - group of randomly selected responsible citizens who hear to both the sides and decide. They cant be influenced or bribed. The judge just sits there to co-ordinate and express the results on jury's behalf.

There is no jury system in India currently. It seems it was there and later removed. Even if it were there, I wonder if they would be impartial. Criminals would have bought them too.

Yeah, all of us are back to mundane activities, until next time!! Pathetic state....:-|

Shaunak said...

Yep. Corruption is rampant throughout.
As they say, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

i am totally with you on this court thing.. it is all mind games and word play that they do in courts..far from reality.. smart people win the case..not necessarily the true ones....