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Monkeys on Airconditioners and Smileys you can eat!

Alright, is it just me or do any of you out there have monkeys jumping all over your terrace and windows and airconditioners and what not? I mean, seriously! I already feel half-naked with yellow underwear and eating loads of bananas :|

Moving on.

This little guy popped in...rather jumped down, onto my airconditioner while I was having a nice afternoon siesta. Imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes to find mowgli staring down at me with all the curiosity of a twelve year old. Kinda looks like Dobby, the house elf doesn't he?? Cute little bugger. I picked up my cam and took a few shots of him strutting his stuff so that he can impress the girls back in the trees.

After all, brothers help each other out...


On more interesting lines, I found these awesomely cute smiley things that you can bake or fry or do whatever you wish and eat them. It's just such a good vibe to see these tiny smiley faces looking up at you in a bunch.


Then you eat them :|

Anywho, that's about as exciting as my life can get at this moment.
Unless I get drunk in the next few hours.

Have people suddenly become less active online? I barely see people I wanna talk to on Facebook and I'm ultra-bored of studying for MBA entrances and other novels.(Yeah, if you don't read like it's a novel, you're bound to die of information overdose. Or you'll lose the book. Either way :P )

Valentine day came and went and all I did was sleep at home!

Bwaaaaa!! :(

Someone get me a valentine!!!

I have cookies!!

*waves cookies in the air*

Okay, now I'm officially typing shit. I'll just go back to counting the number of monkeys that pass by my window. You may return to your boring lives.


Abhinav said…
I suggest you to book ur tkts and pack ur bags for jaipur... here you will hv monkeys on trees, roofs, cars, acs, tvs, and what not.. they even know how to open the refrigerator and take what they like..


and you'll get a lot to click as well...!

smileys were wow!
Esther said…
Hehehe shaunak! COme to hyderabad. Especially the place I live at. It should basically be renamed as Monkey-pally! =D U know where I live though so you'll understand the whole logic of 'pally' thing! =D

I've had several experiences with monkies.. They walk in the street like stray dogs do! And how do I tell you all the stories? Its gonna take really LONG!

But this monkey certainly is in its young age eh! =D I love the small monkies they goof around very cutely hehe!!

LOVED those images re!! You managed to *click* I would have peed in my pants if I were you =|
Insignia said…
The monkey is real cute....The cookies, more cuter. I was curious how one could eat smileys until I saw them. How did you even feel like biting on them?? They are such cute things.
Alisha said…
aye LIKES the monkies!wat nice pics!
Amandasaurus said…
Oh my god smiley fries!!! Why do fun-shaped things always taste so much more delicious than the regular shaped ones? This is also the case with macaroni. The Pokemon kind is the best, but dinos and Spongebob are pretty tasty too.

Yeah I feel like the internet is dying a slow and painful death. This is not good considering the amount of time I'm bored with homework and need people to multitask with.
Life 24*7 said…
:-D I Loved the post !!
Shaunak said…
I've a good mind to visit Jaipur soon enough.
Smileys were yum!

I'm still searching for that legend of your area that we spoke about :D
Monkeys are too cute when they're young. Then they grow up and turn into devils.
Wait, humans do that too :| :P

They're not actually cookies..more like potato fries or something of that sort.
You don't actually feel like biting them. So I'd just pop an entire one into my mouth :D

That's why aye likes the yous!

Oh my! Been a long time. Where've you been? And spongebob macaroni? :O Never seen them round my part of the world.
Internet's gotten to be boring :(

Thank you :) Find those lil smileys in the market if you can :D
Pooja Menon said…
There's a kind of vividness in your words. I mean, you really pour your heart out. I like that.. Keep penning..

P.S.: Was wondering how you got to click the pics without getting scratched by the monkey.. I still remember the scratch on my arm that a nasty monkey gave me when I got too close to it to click pics.. :P
Shaunak said…
Thank you so much for your kind words :)

I got to click pics without getting monkey cooties all over is because I had my super-awesome window net separating us :P
I focused on the monkey only, so the fine netting can't be seen.

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