Sins no more...

Where are we in the scheme of things?
What is it that we fear?
Why is it pointless at times,
and at times crystal clear?

Look around you,
there's so much to see,
But at the end of it all
is it really meant to be?

Here, a man, greed his sole vice,
holds gold to his breast, fears his own shadow,
There another gives up his all
so that his only child may grow.

Avarice - pride, maketh his move,
bringing all he touches to it's ultimate doom,
while one man defies him each day,
feeding twenty orphans in his tiny room.

What's that? Revenge you say?
Or has the wrath got your tongue?
Look at her, her heart glows golden,
Not to her, but her friends it belongs.

Sex drives men to insanity,
or maybe the lack of it.
Gluttony is a heavy burden to one,
and brings lethargy alongwith.

It's all for nothing, really,
we die at the end of it all,
Live for today, and forget the past,
take the leap, forget the fall.
That's the way life should be,
not with chains and bonds and sins abound.
Free your mind, let go of yourself,
that's where salvation's found.


Umesh Agarwal said...

beautifully written dude...the message..the comparison u made between the sinners and non-sinners was really amazing..keep it up :)

Shaunak said...

Thank you :)