The stranger in your dream...

I entered the coffee shop, knowing I was late in meeting my friend there. I'd kept her waiting for half an hour since my boss kept me back for some important presentations. Finally escaping his clutches, I rushed in to find her waiting. I sat down, apologizing to her. And that's when I saw you. At first, it was just a passing glance. You looked quite attractive with the black tank top and jeans, your shoulder-length hair flowing smoothly down to your neck. You sat cross-legged, staring off into space(or so I thought) as your friend talked to you. As I ordered my coffee and chatted with my friend, I could make out that you were staring at me, and I liked it. It's so strange, yet so very exciting when you notice a stranger taking interest in you, isn't it? I kept talking to my friend, all the while trying to be as cool as possible to impress you. But I didn't think you'd care enough to notice.
On my way back home, as I sat in my car, all I could think of was you. I don't really know why, but you seemed very familiar to me. As if I'd met you somewhere, or knew if we'd already met long back and forgot about it. I just couldn't imagine where the connection was.

A birthday party usually sounds interesting to me. There's always something or the other to do. But when your entire family's invited, it's a whole new ball game. The crazy games and loud music gives way to formal socializing, the Hi's and Hello's, people(mostly aunties in heavily clad silk sarees) screeching at the top of their voices as they see some long lost acquaintance. BORING! "God, Save me! Sometime soon please!" I prayed. This one was the birthday of my dad's colleague's son. His second birthday. So naturally the entire office was invited. As dad went on and on about his office work and mom socialized with the rest of the older generation, I looked around, lost and quite bored, searching for the company of someone remotely related to my generation when I saw you. I couldn't believe it! The very same girl who I've been thinking about for so long is in this very party! But I didn't know you. And I very well couldn't just walk up to you and start talking away to glory now, could I? Even so, you were quite busy with your phone, seemingly texting one message after another, leaving me no opening to go and introduce myself. I stood there, admiring you. You were so well dressed for the party...a black cocktail dress with your hair tied up in a bun and a silver pendant to match your earrings. A real beauty among the highly over-dressed older generation. I had to get your attention somehow. Perhaps a song would do? I'd learnt to strum a song or two on the guitar, so I thought of taking the chance. Taking centre stage was not quite what I was prepared for, but I did it anyway. Faking a dedication to the birthday boy, I started playing the song I knew the best. I hoped my voice would float across the room to you, and it did! You looked up the instant I started playing and I saw recognition dawn on your face as your eyes met mine.
Later that evening, as my dad introduced me to your family, I was quite amused to see your reaction. How embarrassed you looked as I hinted that I'd noticed you staring at me in the coffee shop. Well, now that we know each other, let's see where this takes us.

Till the time you close your eyes,
I will be right here.
Till the time you dream again,
I will be right here.
A tender memory, a blissful thought,
a figment of your fantasy.
Whispering dreams onto your lashes,
Slowly caressing your tender cheeks.
Till the time you close your eyes,
I will be right here.
Till the time you dream again,
I will be right here.


This little piece struck me when I read this wonderful dream by Esther, probably what the boy must have been thinking.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. At first I thought you both entered a "stranger in a dream" contest. :D

Esther's post was cute. I have to agree with your last line though :)

Esther said...

OMG! This was an awe-freaking-some continuation!! :))) You made me smile ! trust me.. I felt like that stranger must have seen me too somewhere! :) Awww! It was really great *applauds* :P I'll link this post on my blog real soon... :)

Really nice. And I read this thrice now! :P

@ Ana - hehe lol @ stranger in a dream contest! :P We would have won the award if that was the case no? :)

Naarya said...

:) smiles! smiles!

Life 24*7 said...

You are one heck of a creative thinker dude !!

Umesh Agarwal said...

beautiful...very very beautiful...

Shaunak said...

Esther's was the original. Bound to be cute :D

Was waiting for your post after you told me about your dream :D
Btw, I read it twice too!

Smiles all the way!

Thank you! :)

Thanks dude! :)

Shaunak said...
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Sweet Addiction said...

A simply fav post I think best post for this mth . my God whr were u before????? hw did this escape my eyes

Urvashi said...

This one was gr8..the story so well said n the beautiful lines i nthe end...a cherry on the cake... really really liked it a lot.. :) :)

Dewdrop said...

really, RRREALLLLLY loved it!