Thank you for all those who have prayed for my cousin. I wish I'd posted this earlier. Maybe then he'd have got so many more blessings and survived.

I'd mentioned in my previous post that my cousin was battling for his life in the ICU. Well, he fought bravely, but ultimately had to yield in front of God. I guess God didn't want him to suffer anymore and lifted him from this world of pain. I don't necessarily mean physical pain. He was in and out of a coma. His brain had been damaged. I don't know whether he felt anything during his last hours. Which may have been a good thing given his condition. But the mental pain is there. The spirit suffers in a dying body. I don't know what I prayed, but I hoped his pain would go away. And it did. I think it was for the better. No one deserves to live life as a cripple after having known a full fledged life.
He passed away. I should feel sad. Or even disturbed in some way. But I feel nothing. It's strange. It's as though I knew passing away was a better thing for him. Or maybe I can't process death emotionally. I don't know.

Coming to what I want to say. Drive safe. It's not always your fault. If the driver of the other car's an asshole but you're driving a Maruti while he has a Sumo, you're still done for. So don't speed, don't take crazy cuts in traffic. Be safe.

Take care y'all.


Sweet Addiction said...

I wish u had posted abt him earlier. kya pata. chal ab kya karsakte hain..

Insignia said...

Peace be with him. I just read your previous post. You end up taking in drudgery for no fault of yours...

But life goes on. Take care

Mads said...

Read the previous post only now. Am so sorry but my net connection didn't open your blog earlier.

May you and your family have all the strength to be strong now.

I'm sure he's at peace now..away from all the pain...

You take care.